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If You Have Rosacea You Know This

Rosacea is a skin condition, which is characterized with redness, blood vessels and even smell on a face.

It often appears on the cheeks, forehead and nose. It is less common on ears, neck and chest. The condition may be observed in all age groups. Here are some things, only people with rosacea will understand.

  • When people look at you, they think you have got real sunburn.
  •  Some will think that you have just returned from the vacation, which spent on some tropic islands.
  • Some assume that you suffer from acne problems.
  • A hot summer day is the hardest time for you and your skin.
  • In fact, you feel unsafe with your skin at any season.
  • Living normal seems harder for you with each day.
  • You are not even allowed eating cheese, because it may trigger redness.
  • You should also avoid coffee, hot drinks, alcohol…
  • Even stress and anxiety are able making your face red again.
  • You have tried all possible creams and beauty products to relieve your skin condition.
  • You feel high, when you find some new product, which promises you to get rid of rosacea.
  • When it comes to social interactions, they seem a little bit confusing for you.
  • In fact, you face is not only red, but you may often feel as on fire.
  • Sunscreen is not always enough for you, so you always take a hat, when going out.

Source: indigodaily


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