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9 Celebs #TBT Photos You Should See This Week!

Celebrities are one of the most people these days.

It seems that everyone knows them. They become role models and icons for many people. We want to look and behave the same. Now we are going to show you 9 #TBT photos of famous celebs you should certainly see this week:

Do you remember 2003, when Jennifer was the first guest on the Ellen’s show? Who was thinking that she would achieve such a success?

There was time, when Kourtney Kardashian was eager becoming blonde.

Nicole Richie decided sharing this amazing photo, where she was dressed in a wonderful costume and was dancing in it.

This is an amusing photo Of Dolly Parton in the childhood.

Sofia Vergara let us look at her old photos. Isn’t it fabulous?

At the day of their anniversary, Sarah Michelle Gellar shared this photo kissing her husband during MTV movie awards 2000. Oh, how passionate they are!

Paul McCartney decided sharing this photo together with his wonderful wife Linda.

Elton John decided remembering his old buddy Freddie Mercury. He decided publishing this rare photo of them both. Yes, he would have celebrated 71 this year.

Madonna decided remembering Michael Jackson, who has turned 58 this year. Only look at these old photos! How rare and unique they are!

Source: indigodaily


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