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8 Jokes For People Who Love Autumn!

Autumn is here and it’s time making fun and telling jokes.

Is it your favorite time of a year or not? It’s not about apples and pumpkin, but something more. Here are some jokes, if you like autumn very much:

September is here! It seems that almost everyone tells this phrase. When you call people or meet them, the first phrase you here is: September is here!

Autumn is the beginning of something special in your life. Some are really very disappointed about their summer, so are looking forward to autumn and believe it to be special for them.

Moreover, autumn bring us only everything best. Some are fed up with summer and want to start a new life this autumn. Is it you?

It’s also very short. It has already begun, but would end very quickly.

Autumn is time, when you start hanging with your friends in graveyards.

Everything becomes truly magical in autumn. In fact, walking in an autumn park, full of yellow and red leaves is something magnificent.

Now you mom would cook pumpkin every day. Are you ready? No matter like you it or not, she will make you eating it each day.

Halloween is coming and it’s time thinking about the costume. What can be more wonderful for a student than Halloween preparations?

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