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10 Real Life Marriage Rituals That Qualify To Be Added In Horror Films

Marriages happen all over the world, and the couple follows the rituals and practices practiced in their religion. As there are different places, so there are different rituals which are followed across the world. Some rituals are so weird that you won’t believe they actually exist. Here is a compilation of such rituals.

1. The blackening of the bride.


In Scotland, blackening of the bride is a common tradition performed in preparation for the wedding. It is a very awkward tradition for the bride as well as for the groom. The “to be married” is captured, and then friends and family spray them all over with sticky materials, food items, and water. To add to their shame, they are then paraded in the streets usually in an open back car or van. This is an embarrassment for the victims, but a great enjoyment for everyone else.

2. Spitting on the bride.


This is a bizarre ritual which is practiced by the rural and tribal people of the Maasai nation in Kenya. In this superstitious community, first, the bride is shaved, then her bald head is covered with lamb fat and then the father of the bride spits on her head and breasts before handing her over to her new family. This is believed to bring good fortune to the newlyweds, and that’s why it is still widely practiced there.

3. Kissing tradition- Sweden.


This is the main reason why attending a Swiss wedding is great fun. In this ritual, the groom leaves the dinner hall after making an excuse. He is followed by the maids and female guests at the wedding. Outside the wedding place, the ladies try to plant a kiss on the groom. While this is going on, the male guests kiss the bride inside the wedding area.

4. Beating the groom’s feet- South Korea.


What originally started as a superstitious belief has now become a wedding enjoyment for the male friends of the groom. They kidnap the groom from the wedding, tie his feet and beat them with sticks. It may sound cruel, but apparently, the groom’s friends take pleasure in this habit. Besides, it is believed to make the groom stronger before the first night of the wedding.

5. Money dance- Poland.


Why not earn some money while you are getting married? It is what the people of Poland do. Once the groom has the first dance with the bride, a friend of the bride stands with a handkerchief. Anyone who wishes to have the next dance with the bride puts money in that handkerchief. In the same way, the females in the wedding ceremony can add money to the handkerchief if they wish to dance with the groom.

6. Love without bathroom breaks.


This can sometimes be excruciating for the bride or the groom. A tribe of Borneo has this ritual in which they trap the newlywed couple in a room. They are not permitted to leave the room for an entire day under any circumstances. They can’t even go to the bathroom. It can sometimes be quite a challenge for the married couple, but the tribe is strict. This ritual is believed to bring good fortune to the family in the days to come.

7. Bridesmaid blockade- China.


For a groom in China to collect his bride on the wedding day, he must wade through a blockade of bridesmaids. He has to obey them. No matter what they ask for. This could include asking for money, making him do funny tasks or anything else. It is great fun for the bridesmaids but not so much for the groom.

8. Crying ritual- Tujia people.


A bride in the Tujia People of China must cry an hour daily for one month prior to the wedding. These are tears of joy rather than sorrow. Twenty days before the wedding, she is joined by her mother and then by the guests for the last ten days. These tears of joy are mandatory for the Tujia People.

9. The cursed, tree marrying wives of India.


Superstitious Indians, who consult the horoscope rather seriously believe that if a woman is born “manglik,” she is cursed. This curse must be broken before she is to marry a groom, or early death shall befall the groom. In order to break the curse, the bride to be is first married to a banyan or a mango tree. The ritual is performed like a normal wedding and after this, the tree is cut down and destroyed. Now the curse is broken, and the bride is allowed to marry.

10. Wedding lunch down the toilet.


This is an old French ritual, in which the bride and the groom are made to consume the leftover wine from the wedding dinner. What’s important is that they are supposed to drink it from a replica of a toilet bowl. It’s gross and even bizarre which is why this ritual is beginning to lose its popularity among the French people.

This video shows all the weird marriage rituals around the world.

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