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What Women Want: 10 Things Every Man Should Know But Doesn’t

For guys, second-guessing what woman want often ends with more problems than they started with and that’s because men have no idea what makes women happy. But the good news is this: You don’t need to be Mel Gibson to know what they want. Nor do you have to have Brad Pitt’s face or Zac Efron’s abs (although that no doubt helps).

What you need to do is be more in-tune with their wants and requirements. It sounds relatively simple and highly cliched, but as a recent Gallup poll showed, 68% of American men are still single. And even in an age of Tinder and online dating, those are the kind of statistics that would even the most ardent of Leonardo DiCaprio-wannabe womanisers worried.

So without further ado, and to hopefully put an end to such miserable statistics, we at Lifehack Lane thought we’d scour the minds of millions of women across the web and offer you 10 simple tips that could help you in your quest for love.

1. Chivalry isn’t dead


Whatever you think about feminism and its role in modern-day society, opening the door for your lady friend doesn’t mean you’re going against the notion of female empowerment- far from it. In fact, displaying suck kind and chivalrous gestures will make you appear respectful, even if you do feel like you’re re-enacting scenes from a Jane Austin novel.

2. Taking care of your appearance isn’t a bad thing


While many guys live their lives in the gym and go home to protein shakes besides their beds telling them how beautiful they are, many men are put off by that image and refuse to be anything but clean-cut. And that’s a great shame as most women will tell you you don’t have to be a chiselled beefcake to win their hearts. All you need to do is to put in a little bit of effort- and that includes dressing up .

3. Compassion goes a long way


Nobody likes someone who has a heart of stone. Sure, they may at first come across as mysterious and even slightly cool, but if you aren’t willing to sympathise with others you’ll come across as nasty and perhaps even a tad evil.

4. Confidence can be a deal-breaker

Confidence is everything. And if a guy has it in abundance, he’s likely to get a whole lot more attention- regardless of how he looks. And just knowing a woman has someone masculine and confident by her side can make her feel significantly safer.

Still, confidence can quickly turn into arrogance, and that’s what men need to realise. Be proud of your achievements and unwavering ability to converse with all kinds of woman; just don’t start showboating about how great you are in bed.

5. Listening goes a long way


Admittedly, everyone has heard this before. Listening is everything and blah blah blah. But you’d be lying if you said you’ve listened to every word your ex-partners or one-night stands have said. It can be so easy to be caught up in our minds that we so often pretend to listen when in reality the woman will know right away if you’re taking everything in..

6. Romance is never out-dated


Like with chivalry, writing a love letter or doing something sweet and heartfelt will never hurt. Sure, your friends might make fun of you while others may even call you a sentimental human stack of cheese that even Nicholas Sparks wouldn’t touch. But hey, when you really like someone guys, woman want to know that.

7. The little things count


Forgetting birthdays, anniversaries and even their cat’s name can spell trouble. It may sound over-the-top, but these things matter ALOT.

8. Always offer to pay on a first date


If you’ve only just met her, and you decide to go for a meal, then it might be a good idea if you offer to pay. Notice the word ‘offer’. By offering, you’re also giving the woman an opportunity to pay, which is just as important in the long run. If they offer to pay great, then you know they’re a keeper, but still, collect the bill. No matter what modern-day values dictate, it’s been ingrained into our consciences that man must pay, and there’s no point dispelling that myth.

9. Prioritise


All great love requires great sacrifice, and prioritising certain events for your love interest/ admirer is one of the best ways to show you’re serious about them. You might feel guilty for telling the guys you can’t catch the game, but remember the reason for saying no. You have a lovely person in your life, and if they were in your position they would probably do the same. Woman prioritise just as much, and if you aren’t prepared to follow suit, they’ll probably lose interest.

10. Keep it real


If you think you’re into someone, how do you know if it’s love or merely infatuation? Do you want to be in bed with them when you could be out with your friends talking to every Christina and Mary in the state? If you know, then the woman will notice, just like if you’re unsure. So ask yourself this: If I see this woman more than once, will I still want to see other people? If the answer is yes, then there’s no point wasting your time, let alone theirs.

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