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The FBI should not force Apple to break into people’s phones! Do you agree?


Started by Edward Goss
Petitioning: FBI Director James B. Comey

The conflict between Apple and the Federal Bureau of Investigation started at the beginning of February 2016, when Apple released a press statement informing the public that the United States government has asked the company to ‘take unprecedented steps which would threaten the security of its customers’.

To be more specific, the FBI has been unable to unlock the iPhone belonging to one of the people involved in the gruesome San Bernardino attacks in California earlier in 2015. Since that phone contains valuable information that could link the attacker to undercover militants in Syria, Iraq and the entire Middle East, the FBI reckons that opening that phone constitutes a top priority in the investigation. The FBI has therefore asked Apple to write a new code that would allow them to break into the iPhone.

The FBI claims that this will be only a one-time issue that will never occur again, since breaking into newer iPhone models is virtually impossible.

The main problem is that once Apple would willingly eliminate important security features, all Apple users worldwide would be jeopardized.

Major security companies have warned that not even the FBI would be able to safeguard such key features and that enemies of the US will be coming after that information very soon (with a strong possibility they will be able to obtain it). Moreover, critics has argued that if a US court is able to force Apple to give away such precious and vital security features, then other countries all over the world would be able to do the same, citing the FBI precedent.

I use my iPhone to store sensitive and private information – such as music, notes, call history or text messages. Knowing that the US government (or any government in this world) has the capability of accessing my phone without my permission is sending shivers down my spine.

This is one of the main reasons Apple devices are so popular – because the company cares about consumer safety and protection. The FBI has absolutely no right to take this feature away from Apple!

What the FBI is asking is extremely dangerous and should not even be part of any discussion in the first place.

I am asking every outraged Apple user to support this petition and ask the FBI to drop its request to have the iPhone belonging to the San Bernardino attacker unlocked.

Our security is more important than any FBI investigation there is! Please make this clear to the Federal Bureau of Investigation right now!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this petition are those of the author (Edward Goss) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the YouSign Organization or any of its affiliates.

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