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Paedophile Caught Attempting To Meet Up With Underage Girl He Sent Over 20+ D*ck Pics

I am glad scumbags like this get caught. What freaks me out is how many times we have seen videos like this.


Think about how many guys are slipping under the radar and getting away with shit like this. One day we should set up a site where it is like a telethon. We all get on the site, pledge to catch as many of these guys as we can in 7 days.

7 days straight we drink all the red bulls we can, stay up and bust these sick sons a bitches.

All jokes aside, the dudes over at ‘The Hunted One’ busting these guys left and right. Today they took down a creep who told an “11-year-old” that he was ready to meet and picked up a box of condoms. Just typing that out makes me sick.


According to the group: “Wearing a red T-Shirt and sunglasses, McKenna was filmed as the vigilantes confronted him about the explicit online conversations he had been having with what he thought was an 11-year-old girl.”

McKenna can be seen begging the vigilante group “can we do it somewhere quietly” – and that his relationship will be over if “we can’t keep it quiet”.

Source: dudecomedy


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