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Girl Snapchats Bugs Coming Out Of Bra When Attempting To Be Sexy

NASTY ALERT! This is what happened when trying to be sexy goes wrong.

This girl tried hitting her followers with a sexy Snapchat in her bra and thong.


We have all seen videos like that before. Something crazy must have happened if we are showing it here.


After one strong tug of her shirt and poof. I watched it a few times. At first, I thought it was coming from her finger and she planted it. Then I thought maybe it was coming from her hair and bounced back up.

Now I am convinced it is from her bra. Probably crawled up from her bed!


A FUCKING BUG COMES RUNNING OUT! Just imagine being in bed with some girl you just hooked up with and next thing you know, some creepy crawlers are all over the place.


Like I said before, I have seen some WEIRD shit on this internet. Like the viral “nerf this” clip:

But never seen a bug crawl out of a girls titties before.

Source: dudecomedy


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