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Meet Some of The Youngest Parents in Recorded History

When kids have kids.

Being a parent, no matter how old you are, is never easy. It requires patience, dedication and an unconditional and paternal love that is stronger than any other. It’s for these reasons that modern-day society now expects us to go longer without a child and explore who we are before diving into the messy quagmire of parenthood

However, even with birth control and the social stigma that comes with early parenthood, many teenagers and in some cases, those below 13, continue to conceive. Just take these parents as an example.

Making headlines across the globe, these cases will no doubt shock you, and while shows such as ’16 and Pregnant’ continue to captivate audiences, these parents make the age of 16 seem seasoned and old.

Here, we chronicle ten cases of parents who had children at an age which almost beggars belief.

1. Lena Medina (5)


Lena Medina’s parents initially thought their 5-year-old daughter had a tumour in her abdomen after noticing a marked increase in her stomach. Taking her to doctors, they were left shocked when they discovered a fetus residing in her womb.

In fact, she was already 7months pregnant, leading doctors to inform the police immediately. Arresting the father on suspicion of sexual assault, no charges would be pressed primarily due to a lack of evidence. Even to this day, the father of Lena’s child is unknown, and Lena continues to turn down interview requests.

Still alive, the now 83-year-old lives in the Peruvian capital, Lima andw is still the youngest confirmed mother in medical history.

2. Sean Stewart and Emma Webster (12 and 15)


Sean was only 12-years-old when his 15-year-old girlfriend gave birth to their child. The British couple, whose news landed them on the front cover of Britain’s best-selling tabloid newspaper, The Sun, vowed to stay together and raise the child. However, Sean has been in and out of prison jail, and today, Emma Webster has moved on with another man.

3. April Webster and Nathan Fishbourne (14)


April and Nathan were just 13 when they conceived a baby and were 14 when it was born. The couple, who became one of the youngest parents in Britain, vowed to raise the child together and remain in a relationship.

4. Unidentified British Couple (12 and 13)


The unidentified couple set a new record in Britain for being the youngest ever parents when media outlets got hold of their case. Requesting anonymity, the new parents planned to stay together and raise the child with the aid of their grandparents.

5. Tia Davies and Jordan Williams  (Both 14)


While Tia Davies and Jordan Williams are undoubtedly young when they had a child, it was the age of the grandfather, (top left) that made headline news. His age? 29, which officially made him Britain’s youngest grandfather.

6. Mirta Fontora (10)


Mirta was just 10-years-old when she gave birth by cesarian to a healthy boy. Mirta, who resides in the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires, has never revealed the father’s identity.

7. Thuil Shaka (10)


The 10-year-old South African Thuil Shaka was practically a baby herself when she gave birth with the aid of a cesarian procedure. The father has never been identified.

8. Tressa Middleton (11)


The story behind Tressa’s birth will leave you repulsed. In tragic circumstances, the then 10-year-old was raped by her older brother, leading to the incestuous pregnancy. Years later, Tressa, who is now 21, soon gave the baby up for adoption and recently spoke out about her horrific ordeal on the British chat show, This Morning.

9. Lonel Stanescu & Rifca Stanescu (12 and 14)


Romanian gipsies Lonel and Rifca were just 13 and 11 respectively when they ran away from their small village to start a life of their own. A year later they were married and had conceived their first child, and it appears their penchant for having children early rubbed off on their children. Their daughter Maria, for instance, gave birth to a baby boy aged just 9; making Rifca the world’s youngest grandmother at just 23 years of age.

10. Mum-Zi (8)


Raised in a polygynous African Harem household, the 8-year-old gave birth to the daughter of the harem’s chief. If that wasn’t controversial enough, just eight years later, her daughter Zi gave birth too. That means that not only was Mum-Zi a mother at 8, but she was also a grandmother by age 17, making her one of history’s youngest known grandmothers.

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