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Just one Facebook post and this restaurant’s clientele grew from 0 to 500 people

Just one good deed can change someone’s life for the better. It doesn’t have to be grand — sometimes it’s enough to say a few words or write a post on Facebook. The latter is exactly what Colin Ross, 31, did to bring huge fame to one small restaurant and its owner.

It all began last Saturday when Colin went to a cozy place called Whitbie’s Fish & Chips in Lethbridge, Canada. He was surprised to see there was only one person inside apart from him — the owner of the place, 70-year-old John McMillan.

Ross ordered an amazing halibut special there and also noticed that the place looked very clean and neat. Colin asked John about how the business was doing and was upset by the older gentleman’s reply: he hadn’t been able to attract customers for a long time, and he couldn’t even pay himself a salary.

Without hesitation, Ross offered his help in advertising the restaurant. That was how the post that brought John’s place hundreds of customers appeared on Colin’s Facebook page.By Tuesday, Whitbie’s had 400 clients, and on Friday the number grew to 500. The ’ad’ on Colin’s page got 8,000 shares.

A huge line of potential customers is now stretching into the parking lot outside the restaurant. It’s the first time in seven years of business that John sees so many visitors.

In his interview with Global News, John shared his greatest dream — to run his own fish and chips shop that the people would love. And now, thanks to Colin’s single post, this dream has come true.

This is what Colin wrote in his post:

’Today I’ve been the first-time visitor of Whitbie’s Fish & Chips, where there was only one 70-year-old gentleman, the owner of the place. I asked him how was business, and he said he couldn’t even pay himself at the end of the day. That really bothered me. I want people to do well, especially that 70-year-old man who has put in his time. The owner was a real classy guy, so I ask everyone in Lethbridge to share this post and support that hardworking gentleman, he really deserves it.’

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