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17 Men with Conditions So Unusual You Won’t Believe They Exist

There are some people in life that make your head turn. They could be famous, or look so good you’d feel you were doing your eyes a disservice not to look back.

But people can get unwanted attention too. In most of these cases, for example, that is often true, with most living with conditions so debilitating that living day-to-day has become an almost thankless task.

With that in mind, we’ve chronicled 17 men who possess physical features so unusual you’d struggle to believe they were real.

1. Patrick Duel


At the peak of Patrick Duel’s obesity, the American weighed an astonishing 486kg, despite being only 5″7 inches tall.  In fact, one of the world’s heaviest men at the time stayed idle in his home for seven years, eating nothing but junk before firefighters were forced to cut a hole through his bedroom wall and rush him to hospital.

Sadly, Patrick passed away in 2016 due to complications with his obesity, despite losing 260kg.

2. Gary Turner 

Garry Turner Stretchy Skin Guinness World Records 2007 Ranald Mackechnie/GWR

Gary Turner holds the unusual record of having the ‘World’s Stretchiest Skin’ and can stretch his stomach skin out 6.5 inches. Suffering from an incurable condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Turner’s skin is significantly weaker than most and, as such, can stretch his skin in ways no one else could.

3. Shridhar Chillal


Shridhar Chillal, an elderly man from Prune City, Maharashtra, India has been growing his nails for over 62 years! The nail’s length was measured by an official Guinness World Record’s worker to determine if they were the indeed the longest in the world. According to the measurements, the whopping 909.6cm length determined that they were.

4. Ammoo Hadji


The Iranian has no known skin defects but does have a strong disliking towards baths, so much so that Hadji has refused one for over 60 years. No one knows why he has a penchant for smelling bad, but Ammoo doesn’t seem to care about the opinions of others and even smokes animal dung from a metal pipe.

5. Jeison Rodriguez


Jeison’s feet are an incredible 16 inches long and have an official US shoe size of 33. More remarkably, Jeison’s abnormal feet grew at a standard rate until the age of 10, when he went from a size 5 to an 11 in little over a year.

The cause of such rapid growth was determined by medical professionals to be down to an overactive pituitary.

6. Jack Bibby


Jack Bibby, a holder of five Guinness World Records, is a man whose fear knows no bounds. Famed for his exploits with snakes, the American has been handling snakes for over 40 years and has been bitten over 10 times in the process.

But when you realise his escapades have included going head first into a bag full of rattle-snacks, holding them in his mouth and even laying in a sleeping bag with them, that’s hardly surprising.

7. Tim Cridland


Known for swallowing swords, eating fire and electrocuting himself, Tim Cridland’s fascination with pain has seen him appear on a plethora of TV shows including Man Vs Weird and Stan Lee’s Superhumans.

8. Sajad Gharibi


Dubbed the ‘Iranian Hulk’, Sajad Gharib’s body is made up almost entirely of muscle and can lift over 386 pounds- more than his own body weight.

9. Josh Miramant


The base jumping enthusiast made headlines across the world when he had a parachute pierced into his back’s flesh before jumping off a 377ft cliff in Southern Thailand. Josh, who hails from Maine, America, had only been base jumping for three weeks before the audacious stunt and claims the adrenaline rush and excitement cancelled out the pain.

10. Mohammed Kaleem


8-year-old Mohammed Kaleem has the world’s biggest hands. The boy, who lives in India, suffers from macrodactyly, a condition which sees rapid growth in the limbs. However, a Southern Indian hospital recently operated on Kaleem and successfully managed to reduce the size of one hand. His mother is now hopeful her son will be able to lead a normal life.

11. Michael Lotito


Famed for consuming indigestible objects, which included eating the whole contents of an aeroplane, the French entertainer has lived a life few would believe existed. As well as eating a whole aircraft, Lotito has also eaten glass, televisions, shopping carts and even cut-up bicycles.

12. Ronnie and Donnie Gaylon


Joined from the sternum to the groin, Ronnie and Donnie share vital organs, meaning they cannot be separated. But having been born in 1951, Ronnie and Donnie appear to have lead a long and fulfilling life, and because of their longer-than-expected lifespan, they eventually became the oldest conjoined twins in history.

13. Szabolcs Kollinger


Only a few people in the world suffer from the rare genetic condition Tetra-amelia syndrome, a condition which sees humans born without any limbs. The 23-year-old Hungarian, who is also a talented painter, recently underwent surgery to attain bionic arms and said that what he was looking forward to most was hugging his mother.

14. Yu Zhenhuan


Suffering from hypertrichosis, a condition which causes human hair to grow at double the normal speed, Yu Zhenhuan’s life would never be easy, but that hasn’t stopped him from living a happy life.

Unlike most on this list, Zhenhuan has a loving girlfriend and is even attempting to forge a career for himself as a rockstar.

15. Leonid Stadynk


Many believed the late Leonid Stadynk held the World’s Tallest Man title- despite never being measured. Living in a modest Ukranian village, his family, even when he was a child, were alarmed by his rapid growth, and after a brain operation revealed he had a tumour in his pituitary gland, doctors soon discovered the tumour was proliferating due to the amount of growth hormone the gland was producing. Eventually, the Ukranian stopped growing after reaching an alleged height of 8 feet 5 inches but would pass away at only 44 years of age.

16. Carols ‘Halfly’ Rodriguez


Most of the internet thought this mugshot of Carlos Rodriguez missing half his head was photoshopped. In fact, it was authentic, with the long time drug addict attributing the deformity to a car crash he was in aged 14.

After the accident, Carlos was nicknamed, ‘Halfy.’

17. Tran Van Hay


Tran Van Hay once held the record for the world’s longest hair having not cut it for over 50 years. The length, which his wife attributes to his fear of getting sick from haircuts, came in at an unbelievable  6.8 meters, while its weight was 10kg.

Quite how he managed to live day-to-day with 10kg on his head is anybody’s guess, but he is thought to have had to pile all the hair onto his head whenever he went to work.

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