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Italian Man Live Streams Own Death On Facebook While Wing Suiting

Live streaming + Adrenaline rush activities is a dangerous combo. Sadly, an Italian wingsuit pilot named Armin Schmieder was base jumping and died during his Facebook live stream.


He told his followers ‘today you fly with me’ before leaping off a mountain but the stunt ended in tragedy when the 28-year-old crashed and died.


After a few moments, a shout can be heard and the sound of impact.


Footage shows the pilot preparing his wingsuit before putting his phone in his pocket and taking off. Armin’s sad death comes just days after Alexander Polli – one of the world’s best-known wingsuit pilots – died after crashing into a tree during a flight.

If a GoFundMe page is started I will make sure to update the page with a link.

This is the full version from the Livestream. The terrible crash happens around the 6 min mark.

Source: dudecomedy


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