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Two Hotties Face Life in Prison After Smuggling $30M of Cocaine onto Cruise

Melina Roberge and Isabelle Lagace are two women in their mid twenties from Quebec, they were on a luxury cruise when they were caught in Australia’s largest drug bust on a boat occurred.


This proves that criminals come in all shapes and sizes, this two smoking hot ladies were on a luxury cruise around the world for 2 months, for anyone interested it was aboard the MS Sea Princess and tickets cost $20,000. The trip came to a halt when the ship docked into an Australian port. After being tipped off by Canadian Border Service Agency and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security the Australian border agents with the help of the police searched the whole 2000 compartment ship.


They found 200 pounds of pure cocaine in these fine ladies’ luggage and and a 63-year old man named André Tamine, worth up to $30.5 million. The man might not be associated with the women and happened to be on his very own drug run.


The authorities believe that the drugs originate from Colombia or Peru since the cruise stopped by both. They also believe that it was just a simple drug run to smuggle them into Australia seeing as how high the price of cocaine has gotten lately there. The maximum sentence for this crime is life in prison but the border guards have said that the women might lessen it if they are willing to help by giving information that could lead to higher-profiled arrests.


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