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Perks Of Having A ‘Friends With Benefits’ Relationship Status You’ll agree with me.

1 First Of All

And best of all, you’ll get a lot of sex.

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2 Burden

If you value your time, you won’t get burdened by someone else’s s*#&.

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3 Drama

No commitment, no drama. Isn´t that wonderful?


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4 Friends

You still get to spend lots of time with your friends.

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5 Cheating

If either of you sees someone else, you’re not cheating. How cool is that?

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6 Familiarity

All the aforementioned, but you still know everything about each other. That’s a win-win.

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7 And, Why Not, Money

No need for expensive gifts. You’re both fine with this arrangement.

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8 To Be Or Not To Be

Listen well: I’m not saying that being in relationship sucks, not at all. But sometimes you just don’t want to. So if you find a friend that’s in sync, go for it!

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