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They Found A Body That’s Over 2,000 Years Old. When They See His Neck? This Is Horrifying… This is truly shocking.

1 Northern Europe

Scientists and historians have found amazing things in the bogs of Northern Europe. In Ireland and in Scotland, for example, they noticed a phenomenon called “bog butter.”

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2 Bog Butter

Thousands of years ago, butter was stashed and preserved in the bogs, and it is now being found. The butter was mostly made of tallow, lard or diary fat. It looks and smells terrible, but, well, it’s 5000 years old…
And bog butter isn’t the only thing they’re finding. There are also bog bodies.

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3 Tollund Man

Tollund Man is one of the most famous bog bodies. It was discovered in Denmark in 1950. He was wearing nothing but a belt and a felt hat, as well as remains of a noose around his neck.

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4 Grauballe Man

A few years later, Grauballe Man was found, also in Denmark’s Jutland Peninsula. He was completely naked, and had stark red hair that scientists believed to be a result of the bog’s discoloration. It appears that his neck was slit so viciously that his attacker severed his esophagus and trachea. Amazingly, his bones were preserved.

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5 Lindow Man

Then there’s Lindow Man. This bog body was found in England in 1984, and up to now it’s the most intact bog body to be found in the country. Lindow Man’s body shows evidence of a violent murder. He was first struck by a blunt weapon of some kind that knocked him unconcious but didn’t kill him. Then, his attackers stabbed him in the chest, and a sinew cord found with his body suggests he was also strangled. Life was not easy back then either…

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6 Old Croghan Man

And there have been plenty of other, less famous bog bodies. For expample, Ireland’s Old Croghan Man. Evidence suggests that he was tortured before his death and his nipples were cut off.

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7 Equal Rights

Not only men were murdered back then. One example of that is the Netherlands’ Yde Girl. Apparently, the 4′ 6″ 16-year old with scoliosis was hanged with a noose and stabbed near her collarbone.

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