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5 Ways To Tell If Someone Is In Love With you

Saying it without saying it

1. Can They Truly Be Themselves around you

1472340606-5061-goof-1024x575 Part of being love means being completely open to the other person. If they show you a completely different side from how they act in person, this may be love. For example if a person is very serious and polite in public, but acts silly and goofy around you, then this is sure sign they are opening up to you and may love you.

2. Are They Happy With You Even During Bad Times

1472340606-9731-andom-HD-Wallpapers-1024x651 So they’ve had a very bad day but light up upon seeing you, then that’s a sign of love. If they’re in love with you, then the sight of you or the sound of your voice is guaranteed to make them feel better, if only a little bit.

3.The Googly eyes


Though quite silly, notice how they look at you in random moments. Does he or she look at you in a goofy, watery, silly and adorable way that can only be described as “googly-eyed”? This is a sure sign they admire you in a loving manner.

4. Are They Upset When You Are…

1472340606-8347-upset-couple-7 If you are suffering unbelievable emotional pain or are just bummed because you have the flu, then this should rub off on the person who loves you. If they truly love you, then they’ll absorb some of your negative emotions and will be very upset because they want you to feel better as soon as you can.

5. Do They Discuss A Future With You

True commitment means seeing a forever with another person. If the person talks about the future and always includes you in it, then this is a sure sign. For instance If the person talks about what your kids will look like, where you will retire together, or where you will go for your honeymoon, then then may really love you.

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