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10 Video Games So Buggy They Were Actually Kinda Brilliant

Video game glitches can be infuriating and game ruining but sometimes they can make the experience a whole lot of fun. we’ve all been there where an invisible wall has prevented us progressing or a jump or platform has disappeared, enemies appear out of nowhere or sometimes the graphics have become completely disjointed. It’s a stress-inducing experience and really shouldn’t happen in this day and age of a billion dollar gaming industry producing AAA titles but it does and will happen repeatedly. However, sometimes a glitch can appear in a game that makes for opportunistic progression or just increases the fun in the game. Here we look at 10 games so buggy that they were actually kinda’ fun.

1. Skate 3

Arguably the best skateboarding game out there, and when played through campaign mode or online it can be a fulfilling and well thought out game but for sheer entertainment value, the game has embraced its early glitches from the series. Using a strange sort of rag-doll physics system, the makers of the game decided to utilize one of the early glitches where your character would tumble about, falling through scenery or blasting off into the sky every time you fell off your board. By introducing a game mode where points were introduced for bailing off your board and breaking bones, this then became a hilarious mini-game where you could compete against friends to see who could do the most damage and end up in the most ludicrous of situations made even better when the scenery bugs out around you.

2. Goat Simulator

This game is as ridiculous as it sounds. You play a goat that just runs around trashing things but then it has a super sticky tongue, can acquire a jet-pack and can extend its neck to become a giraffe. The in-game physics are absurd and you can end up bouncing off of all manner of things in weird and wonderful ways as your neck spirals out of control. What makes this game so great is that you are never sure where the programming ends and the glitch begins and you get the feeling the makers had real fun with this, incorporating fun glitches that they came across.


The ever popular on-going soccer game is hugely addictive and great fun to crack out with a few mates in a competition of skill and determination. The ever increasingly impressive graphics and gameplay all add to who has the best tactical nous and fastest fingers but sometimes it is the glitches that make it the best part. Often occurring on the video replays or as two players clatter into each other, you can create suggestive moments or weird human hybrids that are hilarious and preposterous in equal measure.

4. Fallout: New Vegas

A game about a post-apocalyptic future where a nuclear holocaust has ended most life on earth, it was never going to have a cheery vibe but sometimes the glitches added to its freakiness like head spinning characters or legless ones, robots emerging out of water etc. all added to the weird and haunting vibe of it all.

5. Earth Defence Force

In most people’s eyes, this was not a good game but its many glitches and shoestring budget gave it a quirky vibe that enabled it to somehow garner a cult following. One of the appealing features to those who did play it was the fact you never could quite predict how the game would react in certain situations making it a freaky, random affair that broke away from the formulaic mold of many games.

6. Trackmania Turbo

As the game suggests, this is a racing sim where you spend most of the time on the track, but what happens should you crash off the track and just keep going? Well you can drive towards an endless horizon through the scenery and around about the place in a sort of accidental open world. Marvellous.

7. Red Dead Redemption

One of the best open-world games ever made, it is stunning in size, scope and scenery as it encompasses the feel of a Western in a video game. You play a reformed outlaw tracked down by law men to do their bidding in an attempt to get them to leave your family be. As with most cowboy based games, you spend a lot of time on horseback but upon release, many of the non-playable human characters were accidentally recognized as animals and so you could clamber on and ride them around the map like horses, they would attack you like charging bulls or soar through the air like majestic eagles.

8. Battlefield 3

A pretty solid online shooter that had some great moments, but there was one stand out glitch that was both creepy and funny and that was the neckman glitch where your character would appear as a long thin mass that slithered along the ground creating as many haunted dreams as it did belly laughs.

9. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Another great open-world game, in an attempt to add an element of realism to the game, the makers made all vehicles, including planes, pilotable but also made planes appear at random times with random trajectories making it seem as though in game flights were happening all the time and people were doing their own thing. However, this also led to some great comedic moments were planes would randomly crash into the ground or spawn in front of each other in a split second.

10. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

The ‘bugs’ in this game are slightly different than the others, in the sense that they are intentional. In a game where your character enters cyberspace you quite often come across ‘bugs’ in the game that you have to battle or ask for advice. It’s not a bug in the sense it is an in game mistake but it is a brilliant meta in-joke on the nature of programming and glitches in gaming.

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