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The Photographer Had A Little Too Much Champagne

I am not sure if the bride had a little too much champagne or the photographer had a little too much champagne. The bride seems interested in showing her boobs.

Now this is one of the real and the best photos that this photographer had ever taken. The poor bridesmaids had to show their panties.

While everyone was happy in holding the bride, the photographer was busy seeing the boobs. You have to make sure your boobs do not pop out when doing such a stunt.

This is no less than a masterpiece.

First, the bride has a marvelous dress.

Second, her pose makes no sense at all.

Poor car. The bride was heavy and was looking sexy. This was not the best picture but it was definitely one of the hottest.

When you know someone doesn’t have nice teeth, why make them smile before taking a photo? Why just don’t let them have a nice photo the normal way?

The photographer was interested in seeing the private body parts of the bride and this was what he asked her to do. Poor bride.

When your friend does not want you to marry someone else. The photographer was not supposed to take the picture. He must have let her finish the job.

The photographer took this photo without bride’s consent. Well, we are not sure how the groom must have reacted to this picture.

The photographer just asked them to pose for a photo and this is how they posed. The groom was about to hug one of the bridesmaid’s.

Just checking if she is pregnant? What else will he find in there?

The photographer didn’t ask him to do this, though.

Anyways, happy wedding.

The photographer asked them to do something different and these naughty girls responded like this. Yes, this is different but it is sexier than different.

You cannot have a good photo in the shoes. Better wear something untraditional. This is how it ended up.

She managed to do it perfectly, by the way.

A confusing picture. The bride, however, is looking sexy. Her boobs are about to pop out.

The lady was just picking something from the floor.

You are getting it wrong.

You need special skills to manage such a delicate dress. It is kind of risky. A bad move and you are naked.

How does it feel to be naked in the middle of the function?

This is romantic. The photographer was waiting to capture this amazing love scene.

The groom was a little too impatient and was unable to stop his hands.

When you are too excited on your friend’s wedding and you forget that it is your friend’s wedding. Rather, you consider yourself to be the bride.

“Everyone get on the table and start licking and kissing. I will take a photo.”

Then everyone jumped on the tables and this was the output.

Yes, this is what I will do tonight with you, babe.

The photographer asked them to do a quick rehearsal.

Next time, do not hire a porn photographer.

The bride has some special guts. She wanted to capture every skill that she had so that she can later remind the groom about her special skills and guts.

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