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10 Highest Paying Jobs For Slackers

1. Professional Cuddler


For those that love to snuggle up in bed all day, here’s the perfect gig. Professional snugglers are cashing in up to $80/hour for squeezing strangers. At the moment there is no specific training or license required, just a love for spooning.

2. Video Game Tester


Video game tester is an awesome gig, considering millions do it for free daily. Why not collect a check for playing the latest Call Of Duty game. Game testers can earn from $9 to $18 per hour while having fun on the sofa. Veteran testers with more of experience on the sticks, can cash in a salary of about $65,000 per year. Your goal is to explore the game while checking for bugs, errors or glitches.

3. Movie Extra


Whether you’re looking to making it big in Hollywood or for a quick buck, movie extras can earn up to $100 per day. While the rates may vary depending on the production, simply blending in as a regular can increase your bank account.

4. Dog Walker


Some physical labor is required for this gig, but it probably wouldn’t kill you to take Gizmo around the block a few times. Dog walkers can earn as much as $50 per hour, and that rate can increase exponentially depending on how many pets you take on. Owners are often willing to pay a premium to have someone walk their dogs while they’re out of town or at work.

5. Sleep Study Participant


Here is another job that allows you to get paid while you sleep. Medical facilities are constantly conducting sleep studies and seeking people to participate in them. Each study is usually specific to age and lifestyle, so be sure to read the requirements carefully before you apply. Some studies require hospital stays. Sleep study participants can earn as much as $1,000 per day, but the pay rate varies. One woman who participated in two studies at the same time at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston earned $12,000 in 31 days.

6. Beer Taster

Good beer. Portrait of handsome young men drinking beer at the p

While this is something you may normally do after work, this gig requires you to drink while on the job. Details behind the job do require you to have a discerning taste for the beers texture, also whether its too hoppy or malty. Some beer tasters are currently raking in 30K a year.

7. Hotel Bed & Amenities Tester

Ms. Zhuang, a Hotel Test Sleeper, checks the bed of a business chain hotel in Beijing

Unlike your typical 9-5 this gig actually wants you to sleep in. A Hotel sleep tester is very much the average slackers dream job . As unusual as it seems, the job is actually quite common. Sleep testers might work directly for a hotel, trying out the accommodations to ensure that guests have a restful stay. A test sleeper might also be employed by a third party, such as a travel website. In that case, testers usually remain anonymous and won’t let on that they are there to access the amenities. Afterwards, they review their experience at a particular hotel, taking things like comfort and cleanliness into consideration.

8. Chocolate Taster


If you love chocolate, then you’re in for a real treat. Chocolate tasters are in high demand and the pay is quite astonishing. You can pull in a about 70K annually with this gig, but we recommend keeping a close eye on your figure while cashing in.

9. Chicken Sexer


Yes. That’s seriously the real name of the profession. Chicken Sexers simply sort baby chicks by their gender. Large companies hire them to sort through chickens quickly to determine which will lay eggs or not. Typically the task pays about 28K a year on the high end.

10. Competitive Eater


How about eating? That’s correct there are people who will pay you to eat boatloads of free food! Now this isn’t your typical hot dog lunch break, you’ll need to eat gut wrenching quantities of hot dogs faster than your competitors. Joey Chestnut, the world’s hot dog eating champ made over 200K in 2011.

Source: greedyfortune


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