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10 Commonly- consumed Drinks You Should Always Avoid

While consumed by billions, few are aware of their implications.

A refreshing and thirst-quenching beverage can sometimes be all it takes to turn a bad day into a good one. And whether it’s a cold glass of beer or a fruit-rich smoothie, sweet and fresh drinks often go hand-in-hand with happiness. But aside from the mineral-rich wonders of water, many commonly-consumed drinks are incredibly bad for you. Just take these examples. Viewed by many as ‘health’ drinks, the majority are anything but and contain a multitude of sugars and other dangerous ingredients.

With that in mind, here are 10 drinks you should always avoid- no matter how healthy many claim them to be.

1. Juices


It’s often thought juices are healthy. However, while the vitamins contained in these drinks are no doubt as healthy as they say they are, the sugars contained in them, whether it be freshly squeezed or concentrated, are bad for your teeth due to the natural acids. What’s more, juices are also heavily laden with calories. In fact, one cup of orange juice can have as many calories as six oranges, so it’s best to consume fruit in a solid rather than liquid form to avoid the dense calories and added sugars.

2. Sugary Coffees

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Most coffee drinks are now full of sugars whether that be a latte, a frappuccino or a mochaccino They’re full of calories too, and aside from a cappuccino, which is just milk and espresso, it’s worth avoiding all other coffees unless you plan on treating yourself to one for a desert every now and then.

3. Premixed Alcohol


Premixed drinks are asking for trouble. While they may seem desirable to those watching their weight and staying clear of the beer, many of these drinks contain heaps of dangerous preservatives while the added sugar from mixers can accelerate the dehydration process.

4. Protein Shakes


Protein drinks usually split opinion. Some sports scientists believe that while the drinks are packed full of sugars and additional nutrients, they speed up the recovery process and allow you to work out longer while giving the body protein that it wouldn’t normally get in just three daily meals. But others have warned that creatine, the main protein ingredient in these drinks, can accelerate male pattern baldness. So be on the safe side and substitute them for other protein sources such as eggs and fish. That way you might still have your hair, as well as those bulging biceps.

5. Sports Drinks


Similar to protein drinks, sports drinks contain unnecessary sugars and their benefits, according to many leading doctors, have long been exaggerated.  Instead, or they’ll do is add more calories to your diet from the high amount of carb-inducing properties the drink contains to spawn the supposed energy increase, not to mention giving you an upset stomach from all the chemicals.

6. Sweetened Milk Nut Drinks


These drinks are as refreshing as they come and make for a taste so intoxicating and exotic you could easily be tricked into thinking you’re on a beach at The Maldives as opposed to shopping in your local K-Mart. But the sweetened versions, while tasty, are packed full of sugars. Get an unsweetened one by all means, but if you continue consuming sweetened milk drinks, you’re only asking for diabetes.

7. Fizzy Drinks


Fizzy drinks don’t only rot our teeth and give us heaps of energy; they also contain a type of sugar called Fructose- a know cancer culprit. In most instances, regular intakes of soda cause the body to acidify, which results in cancer cells multiplying.

8. Ice Tea


A cooling glass of ice tea is a favourite summer drink but like with all good things in life; there’s a catch. With ice tea, it’s the colossal amount of sugar so instead of rotting your teeth, opt for an unsweetened version.

9. Smoothies


Like with fruit juices, smoothies are another drink that often go under the radar, with many citing their health benefits and little else. Indeed, what these companies fail to mention is the high sugar levels. To get around this, they add sugar in the form of fruit puree, which adds calories as well as sweetness, hence why you see little mention of sugar in the ingredients.

10. Favoured waters


While flavoured drinks aren’t the worst drinks in the world, it’s important to be vigilant of the artificial sweeteners many contain, such as aspartame, acesulfame-K, and saccharin to name but a few. In most cases, it’s better to avoid them all together and opt for a diet coke or, if you really want to be a healthy; a big glass of water.

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