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These Dog Owners Deserve A Medal

1. I’m Obviously A Shitty Carpenter, But My Dog Has Short Legs And He’s Old1472170389-4751--deserve-a-medal-640-high-01

2. I Found This At My Local Dog Beach Today1472170390-6301--deserve-a-medal-640-high-02

The New York Subway System Bans Canines Unless They Can Fit In A Small Bag, So These Guys Followed The Rules1472170389-6582-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-04

4. 80-year-old Man Build This Train To Take Rescued Stray Dogs On Adventures1472170389-6065-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-05

5. Brilliant Idea!1472170389-4160-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-06

6. A Neighbor 3D Printed A Walker For His Crippled Little Buddy1472170390-3945-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-07

7. The New Application To Make The Perfect Picture Of Your Dog1472170394-9871-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-08

8. Tool-dog Helping Humans Fix Cars Is The Cutest Little Assistant1472170394-7473-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-09

9. Great Dog Tag1472170394-2345-deserve-a-medal-E39pW-640-09

10. This Creative Neighbour Installed Holes For His Dogs So They Can Peek Outside1472170394-3975-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-10

11. Even If You Don’t Let Your Pet To Hop On Your Bed, This Compartment Solves The Problem – You Can Finally Sleep Together With Your Dog!1472170394-2723-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-11

12. Found This Hunting Dog. I Guess He Isn’t Lost1472170395-2776-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-12

13. My Dog Who Has Funny Adventures While Sleeping1472170396-9084--deserve-a-medal-640-high-13

 14. 1472170396-5965-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-14

15. My Baby Bailey Marie Wishing The Rain Would Stop So She Can Use Her New Dog Door1472170396-1091-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-15

16. Fence Window For Your Curious Friend1472170397-3898--deserve-a-medal-640-high-16

17. Diy Pet Bed From A Sweater1472170397-1083-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-17

18. My Friend Owns A Floral Store And Made These Puppy Baskets For A Dog Rescue Fundraiser1472170398-6607--deserve-a-medal-640-high-18

19. My Friend’s Dog After Pooping On The Carpet Again1472170399-4118-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-19

20. Best Dog Birthday Surprise1472170400-2878--deserve-a-medal-640-high-20

21. Geeky Dog Bed1472170399-4370-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-21

22. My Dog Alan Keeps Putting His Head Through The Wall, So We Decided To Have A Little Fun With It1472170400-2187-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-22

23. Dog Ice Cake For Cooling Down The Pups On These Hot Days1472170401-9067--deserve-a-medal-640-high-23

24. When One Dog Is Missing An Ear, You Need To Get Creative1472170401-7156-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-24

25. Corgi Avengers1472170402-2377-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-25

26. Sock Dog1472170402-8079-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-26

27. Redneck Air Conditioned Dog Bed1472170403-5772--deserve-a-medal-640-high-27

28. Man Created This Diy Wheelchair When Girlfriend´s Beloved Dog Sopped Walking1472170403-5811--deserve-a-medal-640-high-28

29. Martini Dog1472170404-7047--deserve-a-medal-640-high-29

30. Hideable Dog Bowl Drawer1472170404-9428-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-30

31. Our Dog Was Looking A Little Sad In His Cone Of Shame, So We Thought He’d Look Better As A Sunflower1472170404-4464-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-31

32. Took My Dog To See Some Dinos Today1472170406-9851-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-33

33. Diy Treat Dispenser1472170406-9567--deserve-a-medal-640-high-34

34. Diy Vintage Suitcase Dog Bed1472170407-6952-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-35

35. The New Egg Hatching Meta1472170407-5649-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-36

36. Dog Crate And Bedside Table1472170407-9510--deserve-a-medal-640-high-37

37. Cone Of Destruction1472170408-5116-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-38

38. Lion’s Mane Is A Small Compensation For Neutering1472170409-8443-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-39

39. We Have Matching Pijamas When We Are Shedding 🙂 This Way We Can Sleep On The Bed.1472170409-1070-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-40

40. When You Dress Your Dog Up Like Katy Perry, The Humiliation Never Ends.1472170409-5145-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-41

41. When My Dog Had To Wear The Cone On Halloween.1472170410-7677-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-42

42. Under This Tree Is My Dog’s Favorite Sop1472170410-7040-wners-deserve-a-medal-640-43

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