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Do you know why Olympic champions bite their medals?

You’ve probably seen dozens — or even hundreds — of photos where the winners of the Olympic Games bite their medals. But few people know the real reason for it.

Today, Loopfy wants to lift the veil of secrecy.

This is not a new trend. Champions have been biting their medals since 1991.

The Olympic medalists of 1991.

So why do the Olympians bite their medals in photos?

In fact, it’s very simple: the photographers make them do it. They feel like all these photos of the champions standing still with their awards and smiling are boring, so these creative guys started asking the winners to ’taste’ their medals, pretending to check if they’re real.

This tradition has a long history…

People in ancient times used to check the quality of gold by biting it. As gold is a soft metal, teeth should leave bite marks on it.

And just between us…even gold Olympic medals are almost 93% silver.

Dating back to a distant 1912, the medals are not pure gold, containing only 1.2% of it.

By the by, biting the medals can be harmful.

For example, in 2010, Olympian David Moeller, having bitten his award, lost a piece of his tooth.

That’s why some athletes like to kiss their medals, showing respect and love to the Olympic Games and their sport.

Despite the fact that the gold medal isn’t really made of gold, and if you bite it you risk losing a tooth, it’s definitely the biggest and the most precious award a real champion can get.


Source: brightside | Preview photo credit timedotcom , ibtimes


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