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British athletes were happy with their matching suitcases until they arrived at the airport

The British Olympic team won a lot of medals in this year’s Games, but they still had to face one last challenge, and in the most unlikely place — their home. The reason for this was someone’s ’brilliant’ idea to provide all the athletes with matching red suitcases and bags.

The Olympians, though, accepted the situation, as can be seen from their reaction in social networks, and they treated it with humor and truly British coolness. We at Loopfy sincerely hope that the UK team won’t have such confusion with their medals.

’Anyone seen my red bag?’

’Mine’s the red one!’

A giant game of find-your-luggage. Looks like fun!

’Finding my bag could prove more challenging than the racing.’

They made it, however, and they were ’treated like royalty’ by British Airways.


Source: brightside


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