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6 Outrageously Costly Billionaire Vacation Homes

Getting to billionaire status is hard, but remaining sane while being on top is the hardest part of all. So for those that are constantly in the midst of corporate living, having a way to escape is important.

Below is a list of six over-the-top vacation homes that belong to some of the wealthiest people on earth.

1. Bill Gates – Equestrian Estate

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Bill Gates lives in Medina, Washington, and spends the majority of his time in a 50,000 sq ft home valued at $120.5 million. However, he also owns various property nationwide, including the Rancho Paaseana, a horse farm with 229 acres in Rancho Santa Fe. Gates bought this property in 2014 at a value of $18 million, sold by Jenny Craig (the weight-loss giant).

The property reportedly has a race track that is ¾ mile, five barns with 141 stalls, and an olive orchard that may be converted into a ‘hunter and jumper’ training facility as his daughter rides horses avidly.

2. Yuri Milner – Los Altos Hills Hideaway

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This 25,000 sq ft mansion was purchased by Russian businessman Yuri Milner for almost $100 million. It comes with 11 acres and is located in Silicon Valley.

It had originally been designed by Bill Hablinksi for Fred Chan, a software pioneer. The California property has an 18th century French chateau and a three-sided formal entrance enclosed by a central court.

3. Mark Zuckerberg – Oceanfront Oasis

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Facebook founder and CEO purchased a 750-acre tract in 2014, located nowhere else but in Kauai, Hawaii. He paid $100 million for the property and two adjacent parcels.

357-acre wide Kahu’aina Plantation ($66 million) is a former sugarcane plantation and has a working organic farm and 2,500 ft of oceanfront.

The other one is 89.2% of Pila’a Beach – a 393-acre property with a white sand stretch. Gary Stewart, a Denver executive, would not give up the other 10.8% that he had over $6 million in.

4. Michael Bloomberg – Riverside Residence

bloomberg home
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$26 million was spent by the former NY mayor on a historic mansion in London that had been owned at one time by the author Mary Ann Evens, aka George Eliot. However, this is not the first property that Bloomberg LP’s founder owns in the English capital – he also has one in Cadogan Square.

5. Eric Schmidt – Santa Barbara Spread

1471973925-3557-04Photo credit: Sotheby International Realty

Alphabet Inc. executive chairman purchased this Montecito estate in 2007 for $20 million from Ellen DeGeneres. It acts as an escape from his main place of residence located in Atherton.

It’s a 4-acre property that has all sorts of gardens, fruit trees, fountains as well as 4 bedrooms and a 1,300 sq ft master suite.

6. Roman Abramovich – Caribbean Hideout

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The Russian oligarch purchased this property in 2009 for $90 million. It is 69 acres long and is located on St. Barts Island (a part of Gouverneur Bay) also owned once by David Rockefeller.

Additionally, the Chelsea Football Club owner has a villa located on the French Riviera called Chateau de la Croe that used to be home to Duke and Duchess of Windsor. He has two properties in Aspen ($29.2 million in total) as well as in London and Sardinia, including a $140 million property on Billionaires Row. He is also in the process of obtaining a mega mansion on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.


These are just some of the most outrageous properties for the six of the wealthiest people on the planet. From owning a few acres of beachfront property to hundreds of acres of it, they’re all amazing to look at.

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