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13 People Who Are Actually Having Fun At Work

It’s no secret that most of us don’t really enjoy working. So it’s no wonder that sometimes we simply have to break our daily work routine, and loosen some of our more juvenile yet fun sides. Here are 13 people who’ve found an exceptionally creative way to put a smile on their own face while at work, as well as those of their colleagues.

Best Cubicle Ever


This just makes you feel like diving straight into work, doesn’t it? The person working in this cubicle is bound to be happy, first for the opportunity to re-live their childhood at work, and second for the time it would take to clear all those balls and get back to work for free.

Plan B For When You Have No Balls:


A Warm Welcome


Just because we work in an office doesn’t mean we have no killer instinct. We mean, people have got to keep their hunting skills sharp at all times, no? We just hope that the miserable guy being attacked here has also kept his surviving skills in good shape…

Very Important Meeting


We were always curious about what’s going on in those closed board meetings. Well, now we know and honestly – we’re not so sure that the world is in good hands. We suspect these guys just enjoy dressing up in those suits instead of seriously trying to save humanity.

The World Is A Canvas


This is what happens when people get paid by the hour. Or maybe this guy is dreaming of having a career retraining as an animator? Whatever the case, we have to admit it is simply adorable to watch – both the painting and someone who’s amusing himself while working in such a harmless way.

Best Prank Ever?


We sure would like to be there when the new guy in the office tries to activate this toaster with vocal commands. If it’s not working so well, dude, just sprinkle some electricity powder on it. It should do the trick.

Girls Are Yucky


So it turns out construction workers are mentally six-year-olds who just want to play with sand, sticks and stones all day long. Ok, they want to shoot people too. Preferably girls. But hey – at least these guys are having some fun at work!

Balance Is Everything


This guy should be awarded employee of the month for being able to concentrate on his screen while balancing a coffee-mug tower over his head. How very Zen of him, but what if someone wants a cup of coffee though?

The Happy Welder


Too bad he can’t see how awesome he looks like while he’s welding. On the other hand, he gets to see all his colleagues smiling back at him, which is awesome too!

Spider Man To The Rescue!


Next time you leave your employees all alone in the warehouse, better know that many strange things might happen. A villain of some sort could suddenly appear, for example. Good thing you have Spider Man on the payroll in that case.

Kong-Fu Fireman


Every task is an opportunity to practice your aviation abilities. Ok, well, at least your physical abilities. We’d trust this dude with our eyes closed in case we needed help. Keep up the good work, oh flying fireman!

Execution By… Tube?


Every employer is probably thinking secretly that his workers better behave and be productive, or else…! But this guy is giving us a taste of the real thing, and, well, it makes us want to be really good at our jobs.

Hell’s Kitchen


The staff working in this restaurant must be as obedient as it gets. Yep, it’s hard to believe anyone would dare to confront these fierce cooks, perhaps only Gordon Ramsay. We’re sure these knives get sharpened on a daily basis.

Feed Me!


We appreciate the effort put in to make something as square and boring as a printer a little more fun. This monster could have been more friendly though, it’s mostly making us even more nervous than we usually are.

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