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5 Pubs You Should Visit Before You Die!


Pubs have become one of the most important places, when it comes to entertainment.

It’s a perfect place to gather with your friends and have a little bit of fun. Here are some of the best pubs all over the world one should visit before he dies:

Old White Swan


The pub is situated in New York and is known to be one of the best in the whole city. It’s really such a cozy place, which can offer you a lot of ales and diverse food.

The Pandora


This inn preserved from 13th century, so it’s one of the first reasons to visit the place. The pub is surrounded with water, so you can drink a pink and watch the boats floating on the water.

The Fat Cat


The place is situated in Norwich. It has very cozy and friendly atmosphere. You’ll find almost 30 kinds of various ales and only the best beers, including imported. Moreover, the barmen, working there is fuckingly attractive.

The Pot Still


If you happen to be in Glasgow, you should certainly visit this pub. It’s one of the best in the whole Scotland. You’ll taste here the best beer ever. Moreover, they would offer you an exclusive whiskey collection.

The Old Inn


Nowadays it looks more than a pub, but a real hotel. Still it is worth a visit to drink a pint in it. They have nice fireplaces and warm atmosphere. Their décor is truly stunning.

Source: indigodaily


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