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20 Products Every Clumsy Person Should Own

Being clumsy is a trait that gets the better of most. And if you’re not one of those who trips over doggy pavement slabs or spills food down their cashmere sweater, then we’d bet our house you know someone who is. So fear not fellow clumsy beings; we have you covered.

Here are 20 products every clumsy person should own.

1. The Unstainable Shirt 


For clumsy people, ruining their nicest clothes is a daily occurrence. It could be anything from spilt spaghetti sauce to splashes of coffee but with a design dubbed ‘The Unstainable Shirt’, that problem needn’t matter thanks to the nanotechnologies properties which repel all kinds of liquids and oils.

2.Spill- Proof Wine Glasses


How many times have you or someone you know dropped red wine over a white rug? Or accidentally gone tumbling head-first to the floor, with your wine glass shattered and its contents running along the floor like it was imitating the famous Game of Thrones episode, “The Red Wedding? We guess a lot. But with these spill-proof glasses, you needn’t be a drunken klutz: you can simply be a drunkard.

3. The Mighty Mug


For those prone to accidentally knocking their mugs and cups over, then invest in one of these super heavyweight mugs. Impossible to knock over, you’d be a klutz not to get one.

4. Curved Guards For The Bed


Stubbing your toe, at least for clumsy people, is a regular and painful occurrence so protect your poor toes by investing in some curved guards for your bed legs.

5. A Silicone Mat 


Taking hot plates out of the microwave isn’t always easy but instead of forking out loads for a fancy pair of oven mitts, why not purchase a cheap silicone mat?

6. Non-skid Shoe Pads


We all slip now and then, but if you invest in a few pads for your soles, you’ll be saving yourself from future blushes.

7. Cut-resistant Gloves 


The saying goes: It’s better to be safe than sorry. Sure, you may look kind of weird wearing a pair of gloves in the kitchen, but at least you’ll still have all your fingers!

8. Go for a late night pee without waking up your partner


This cutting edge technology detects movement the moment you move an inch from the bed. The motion sensor, which lights up into a dim and ambient glow, offers a practical solution for those prone to waking up others.

9. Remove stains on the go with this nifty pen


Quit fretting over small stains and purchase one of these miracle workers. The ‘Tide to go’ stain remover, which comes in the mould of a pen can instantly remove a plethora of tough stains with just one dab.

10. Socks with Rubber Grips


For those who like to dance in nothing but their socks and underwear and still be able to walk then you may want to invest in a pair of these badboys.

11. No oven mitts? No problem


You could invest in a pair of cheap oven gloves, but these rack protectors look oh so beautiful.

12. Laptop case


If you want to protect your laptop from a broken screen and are prone to dropping everything under the sun, then we recommend this steely case from Pelican. Waterproof as well as crushproof, you’ll no longer feel on edge the moment you take your laptop outside.

13. A Bathroom mat


A bathroom mat is a definite inclusion in this list, but most clumsy people who sing and jump up and down in the shower probably haven’t realised that they can do said activities without picking up a plethora of bruises.

14. Cool Bandages 


They may be childish, but they still look cool. Cooler than cuts and bruises, anyway…..

15. A Soothing Salve


Speaking of injuring one’s self, if you are prone to cuts and bruises the moment you set foot outside, then it’s probably best to carry an ointment such as Burt’s Bees, which contains lavender oil and vitamin E, ingredients which will instantly sooth your skin.

16. Locking laces


Tripping over your laces isn’t a look so be on the safe side and invest in a pair of locking laces.

17. Drink Splash-free with a Sip-guard


Never spill the contents of your drink down your shirts and onto your jeans again thanks to these filters designed by the aptly named company, ‘Splash Guard.’

18. A First Aid Kit 


Supermodels carry celery sticks. Hippies carry guitars, and clumsy people carry first aid kits. It’s the way the world works so get with the times!

19. A mounted holder for your hairdryer


Not only does it offer an ingenious hack by allowing you to get your hair dried hands-free, but it can also save you from electrocution, which as a clumsy person, is probably a risk you come across each day.


20. If all else fails…..


If all else fails, just purchase a jumper proclaiming your real intentions behind such regular ungainliness….

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