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Twitch Streamer Banned After Stripping During Rage Quit

Another day, another Twitch streamer toeing past that line and getting the hammer dropped on their ass!

The streamer was known for playing Runescape 1, 2 & 3. I know this because one of the top comments on this post was “this is what we deserve after suffering through that Runescape 3 gameplay.”

She got pissed off during the stream, next thing you know she was in her blue bra. Again, no surprise these days. Twitch is during into gamers gone wild!


Just look at the rage on her face in the top right corner.


She was banned from Twitch (for now) we have seen people come back from these bans before.

What do you do in times of rage?? GET NAKED



There person who submitted the clip things she went all the way topless in the end. He said, “just saw the clip on r/livestreamfail it cuts off at the end when things started getting awkward. When i went to back to check the past broadcast out, she was banned.”


Here is a word to all you ragers out there. If you are going to quit, it doesn’t look like stripping makes you feel any better about it… SHE STILL LOOKS SO SAD!


I am sure she racked up them donations tho!

Source: dudecomedy


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