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Jesus Statue Opens Its Eyes During Service In Spooky Video

1 Imagine Seeing This

Imagine being in church and seeing this. Well that’s what happened to church goers one day… And it was all caught on film…

1471606094-5611-479dee8f4df97270d5812c1.600xSource: viralthread

2 It Seems Like A Regular Church Service

It seems like a normal church service. But then he takes a closer look at the Jesus statue.

1471606094-2744-5109035689c588e009d8e77.600xSource: viralthread

3 He Walks Up To It

Did you see that? Just for a split second, the Jesus statue opened his eyes!

1471606095-5288-2252b8edac1a08fda850537.600xSource: viralthread

4 Then He Closes Them Again

As soon as he the man tries to zoom in for a closer look, the Jesus statue closes his eyes again. It’s almost as if he scared of being caught!

1471606096-6410-isusSource: viralthread

5 Once Again

This is a much more zoomed in version. Can you see how weird the eyes look? How is this possible?

1471606096-4271-d10e5db2e010fa8d68ecc0f.600xSource: viralthread

Source: creepyppl


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