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Bizarre Traditions Around the World Actually That Exist

1 Bullet Ant Gloves

Amazonian boys coming of age wear these mitts filled with ants and dance around for 10 minutes.

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2 Hindu Festival Piercing

When Hindus make the pilgrimage to Malaysia’s Batu Caves, they pierce their bodies.

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3 Night Hunting

In Bhutan, they have a tradition called Bomena where young men go break into young women’s rooms in hopes of getting gaining marriage with them.

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4 Burial ritual Yanomami

When a person dies in Yanomami, their remains are blended up in a drink for their family to consume.

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5 Thaipusam

When Lord Muruugan defeated an evil spirit and they celebrate it by piercing their body parts.

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6 Women Get Teeth Filled

Balinese women have their teeth filled to prepare them for marriage.

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7 Baby Throwing

In india, they practice throwing a baby off a 50 foot high temple and it is caught in a cloth down below.

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