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15 Brilliant Phone Hacks Worth Trying

We know you and your phone are inseparable. There’s no need to hide anymore. You can even make it Facebook official if you want. The truth is we all love our phones. They provide us with information, take sweet photos, and never hog all the good pillows. Even the best relationship takes a little bit of work, though. If you’re looking for a way to take your phone-ship to the next level, these 15 hacks should help you get there. These easy and genius hacks will help you and your phone get what you really want and deserve. Check out these hacks and let us know if you have any phone hacks of your own in the comments.

1. Remember these?

It’s okay if you don’t. Before your phone could hold music, we used rectangular blocks that were wound up with a pencil. It sounds strange, but at the time, it was all we had. Anyways, if you have any cassette tapes still kicking around, you can use their cases as a nifty phone stand.


via YouTube / CrazyRussianHacker

2. Take mobile gaming to the next level

So maybe a circular fluorescent light isn’t the best thing for this DIY, but the concept is genius. Make one of these bad boys for the next time you’re racing on your phone.


via Instagram / @girlshacks13

3. Never lose your phone again

Changing your phone’s lock screen to include your contact information is an easy way for people to get in touch with you — and return your phone — if you ever lose it.


via Instagram / @magicjackapp

4. Heavy sleeper?

If you rely on your phone’s alarm to wake you up, but have a tendency to sleep through it, try placing your phone in a bowl or glass. This will increase the volume of your phone’s alarm so you aren’t late for work (again).


via reddit / iPadFag

5. Make a clever phone mount that’s basically free

All you need is a rubber band and you can make an easy and effective phone mount for your car. This is great when you’re using your phone’s GPS.


via reddit / juririm

6. Finally! A binder clip hack I can get behind

Who really uses binder clips? Unless you’re regularly submitting a PhD thesis, my guess is no one. However, these things do make great phone stands.


via Instagram / @_life.hacks3_

7. Make a lens for your camera

Remove the lens from a laser pointer and use a bobby pin to hold it. Tape it to the back of your phone, over the camera lens, and you’ll have a DIY macro lens that is great for close-up shots! Check out #12 on this list for another great lens hack.


via YouTube / Cat and Andrew

8. Use a regular battery as a stylus

Don’t feel bad if your fingers can’t press your screen as precisely as you’d like. A regular battery works great as a phone stylus, especially for gaming.


via YouTube / DaveHax

9. They said you could never watch Netflix in the shower…

Well, now’s your chance to prove them wrong. All you need is a plastic bag and you’re set to keep binge-watching Stranger Things.


via Facebook / TODBY

10. Make a handy coiled cord

Your regular phone charger cord can easily become tangled, especially in the car. Wrap the cord around a pen and blast it with a hairdryer for a few minutes. When you’re done, you’ll instantly have a coiled cord.


via Imgur / DerpDerinson

11. Turn your phone into a blacklight

All you need for this hack are some sharpies and clear tape. Place a piece of tape over your phone’s flashlight. Color the tape with a blue sharpie. Add another piece of tape and color this piece with a purple sharpie. Turn your flashlight on and have fun sending secret messages to all your friends.

12. This trick will create a macro lens on your phone

Placing a single drop of water on your phone’s camera lens creates a high-powered macro lens that allows you to take extreme close-ups. It goes without saying that water and your phone usually don’t mix, but by being very careful and ensuring you just place one drop on the lens only, no harm should come to your phone.


via YouTube / COOPH

13. Use your shades as a phone stand

If you need a quick phone stand when you’re out and about, just rest your phone in your sunglasses.

14. No phone case?

Balloons to the rescue! If you’re between cases, a deflated balloon actually works pretty well when it comes to protecting your phone. Layer the balloons for a little extra cushioning.

15. Fix a blurry camera

If you find that your camera goes in and out of focus a lot, try sticking a piece of clear tape over the lens. This will help control the autofocus and let you capture that picture perfect moment.

Source: diply | Main Image via YouTube / DaveHax


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