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10 Ways To Make Life Simpler

Sometimes life can get a little bit too hectic and we just need to slow it down and cut it back to basics. In this day and age of instant communication and never ending plans, it can be tricky to find the time for yourself but here we offer up a few tips to taking it easy.

1. Ditch The Negative Thoughts

We can all get caught up in our thoughts sometimes and every now and then these can become less than positive but it is important to try and move away from a self-depreciating idea of oneself if you want to make life simpler. We need to deal with negative thoughts and identify where they are coming from rather than letting them linger or avoiding the root cause. Remove these and worry can be alleviated making for less stress and freeing your mind to tackle more complex issues in your life.


2. Limit Screen Time

In the 21st century, everyone is attached to a smartphone or personal device at almost every hour of the day so that they can be instantly contacted or be doing something in moments previously reserved for downtime. Sometimes they do provide escapism in the form of entertainment options but it is also good to do more productive tasks or activities in the real world and to get some proper social interaction.


3. Think About What You Say

Small talk is an art-form that can be very hard to master but sometimes you need to address what and how you are saying things. Try not to use empty words but really think about how you say things. Be more honest with yourself and others and it can be incredibly rewarding and make life simpler as if you are honest about everything you sat, you need not worry about recriminations or unwanted discoveries. That’s not to say, be harsh with your words but consider them carefully and use them well.


4. Less Social Media, More Being Social

Social media is great for staying in contact with people, seeing how friends are doing and for sharing the things you love with the people you love but it also can take its toll. Typically, people tend to present their best side to social media, sharing only their best moments and most beautiful pictures, as such, it presents an idealized view of how life should be lived and it can get you down if you think everyone is having more fun than you are. Limit time on social media and go out and meet people and talk to them. Experience life for what it is rather than see it through a rose-tinted lense.


5. Have A Clear Out

The nature of consumerism is that it makes us feel like buying certain items or products can make us more happy and fulfilled but after the initial euphoria has worn off we need more in order to boost our confidence once again. Consider de-cluttering your possessions and using things you only really need or that will genuinely better your lifestyle. Re-focus your attentions and happiness on more important things than what you possess. You are not what you own and it is vital to remember that.


6. Be Careful With Money

Those who regularly find themselves in debt often find it complicated work to get themselves clear of it but by focussing on clearing one payment at a time you can simplify the whole process and create simple, achievable goals for how to slowly but surely reduce and clear your debt. Monthly payment plans, no matter how small, can make massive strides to sorting your finances and offer a sense of relief and greater financial freedom.


7. Eat Healthy

It sounds simple and it is. We’re not saying don’t enjoy a meal out or never have a candy bar again but reduce your intake of bad stuff and your health and constitution will improve making you less prone to illness and, possibly even, better looking. You’ll feel great and show it and it is just that simple.


8. Reduce Your Goals

It may sound counter-intuitive to have fewer goals but by focusing on fewer, or just one at a time, you give it more attention and thus are far more likely to succeed. Ccut down you aspirations to ones you really want to achieve and then do everything in your power to get there.


9. Don’t Worry About Being Busy

So often we take on more than we can handle on the assumption we will get more done by multi-tasking our way to success. What is better is just to accpet that sometimes you don’t need to be busy, don’t stress yourself out if you find yourself with free-time. You shoyuldn;t be looking for things to do, you’ve earned this moment, relax into it.


10. Don’t Constrain Yourself

Forget about time commitments. By saying you need to get something done by a certain time you make the focus the time period and not the project you are working on. Don’t just use your freedom from time constraints to slack off but use it to do the best you can do and your task will be completed when its completed and to the highest possible standard you can achieve.


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