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The hell of Russian hospitals !!!


Despite the fact that the Government constantly reports about allocations of considerable amounts for the reforms in health care, the situation with the hospitals remains the same. In the regions, most hospitals are in a terrible condition, the conditions of patients care may be called critical, and the quality of the provided services is far from perfect. Next, we propose to have a look at the photos that show more clearly what is happening in the hospitals.

Kislovodsk, July 2016. Central City Hospital, Department of Surgery. A ward for patients after surgery

bolnici_02bolnici_03bolnici_04bolnici_05Elektrostal, 40 km from the Moscow Beltway. October 2015. Central City Hospital, Department of Children’s Infectious Diseases

bolnici_06bolnici_07Prokhladny, Kabardino-Balkaria. February 2015. City Hospital, Department of Infectious Diseases

bolnici_08bolnici_09Bratsk, October 2014. City Children’s Hospital, Department of Surgery

bolnici_10bolnici_11bolnici_12Simferopol, January 2015. Children’s Hospital No. 5, Department of Pulmonology. Stopframes from a video taken with a mobile phone by the mother of one of the children.

bolnici_15bolnici_16bolnici_17Saint Petersburg, July 2016. The city Botkin infectious Hospital

bolnici_18The same place, October 2015

bolnici_19The same place, January 2016. This is a paid ward at the Botkin Infection Hospital


By the way, as reported by the regional media, the Chief Physician at the Botkin Infectious Hospital, Alexei Yakovlev, declared for 2015 the income of 9.197 million rubles ($150 thousand). And in 2014, he earned 7.5 million rubles.

A bit more about the Botkin Hospital in St. Petersburg. April 2016, a cry for help from a patient:

bolnici_21bolnici_22Saint Petersburg, March 2016. City Hospital No. 15, Department of Therapy

bolnici_23bolnici_24bolnici_25Iekaterinburg, September 2015. City Hospital No. 2, Maternity Welfare Center. A WC for pregnant women

bolnici_26Iekaterinburg, January 2015. City Hospital No. 8, Children’s Department

bolnici_27Ekaterinburg, August 2014. City Hospital No. 25

bolnici_28bolnici_29Smolensk, October 2015 Regional Psychiatric Hospital (“Gedeonovka”). This is the main psychiatric hospital in the region founded in 1905 in the village of Gedeonovka (a suburb of Smolensk). The entrance to the Women’s Department of Gerontology (elderly women).

bolnici_30bolnici_31bolnici_32bolnici_33Children’s Department at the Gedeonovka Hospital (October 2015)

bolnici_34bolnici_35bolnici_36Nefteyugansk, March 2016. County Clinical Hospital n.a. V. I. Yatskikh. This is the main hospital in the Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous District. And the district itself is the main Russian oil producer. In 2015, 243 million tons of oil were produced here, which is more than in Kuwait and Norway together. In the monetary equivalent, it was about 90 billion dollars.

bolnici_38The same place, August 2015.

bolnici_39bolnici_40Novosibirsk, November 2015. City Hospital No. 25, Department of Purulent Surgery


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