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Lindsay Lohan’s Drunkest Moments

r-LINDSAY-LOHAN-FACE-MORPH-1Source: huffingtonpost

Lindsay Lohan has a well-documented history of substance abuse. She went from being an adorable child star, to an attractive and talented woman coming into her own, to being a complete train wreck.  She’s been arrested several times over the issue, which has led to more stints in rehab than the Cookie Monster.

Here’s a visual representation of what we’re talking about:

lindsay-lohan-before-and-after-messSource: sofakingdrunk

She now claims she is clean, sober and committed to her recovery.  We wish her the very best, we really do. With that said, here are the top pictures of the young actress in various states of drunkenness.


lindsay-lohan-drunk-knife-e1431023480525Source: celebuzz

Like mothers always say, it’s best to play with knives when wasted out of your mind. Here’s Lindsay proving she’s a safety-first kind of gal.


lohan-drunbkSource: sofakingdrunk

Like out of a fairy-tale, here she can be seen absolutely wasted in the passenger seat of a car with her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson.


lindsay-lohan-brazil-600x450-e1400888371411Source: celebuzz

You can’t help but feel for her, sitting under a table in a club while drunk and being gawked at by strangers is pretty close to hitting bottom. It’s good to know that she is thoroughly concentrated on on her sobriety these days.


lindsay-lohan-drunk-9Source: evilbeetgossip

Lohan’s legal fees are equal to the GDP of several small countries. Anyway, here she is flashing a peace sign while smoking a cigarette and looking bombed.


Lindsay-Lohan-haggard-drunkSource: hometestingblog

Lindsay looks like a 54-year old divorced woman working on her sixth drink at a Courtyard Marriott hotel bar.


lindsay-lohan-drunk-1-e1400888807218Source: evilbeetgossip

Lindsay has gotten her fair share of DUI’s. This is her slowly passing out in a car. Hey, at least she’s not driving (this time).


lohan-drunkSource: musicandmischief

Lindsay looking good and drunk at a night club.


lindsay-lohan-drunk-10Source: musicandmischief

Here she is chugging down a bottle of champagne as if she were trapped in a flooded compartment of a sinking cruise-liner and the bottle was a snorkel. Classy.


Lindsay-Lohan-Falling-drunkSource: judiciaryreport

Either Lindsay became a Muslim and is praying towards Mecca, or she’s wasted on a sidewalk.


lindsay-lohan-drunk-15Source: dailymail

Proving that she is indeed a demure and delicate flower, here she can be seen being helped off the ground after drunkenly falling onto a cactus. Good times.

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    Please!… no emails!

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