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Read President Obama’s Correspondence With An 8-Year-Old Girl Looking To Brighten The Country

“Please do something fun.”

President Barack Obama may be expanding his methods of communication with the American people to include Facebook messaging, but there really is nothing like some good old-fashioned snail mail every once in a while.

This latest correspondence between the president and an 8-year-old girl named Lily certainly proves that.

The White House shared Lily’s letter, in which she outlines a few suggestions for how President Obama can add some much-needed “spunk” to the country in light of recent troubles.

“Please do something fun,” she writes. “Wear a tie-dye shirt and shorts to something important. Go on a water skiing trip to the Caribbean. Take your family to Disney World.”

Lily, whose father serves in the Air Force, adds that she has many “politics worries” and hopes President Obama can “say something that will make everyone calm.”

Lily also shared her impressive ambitions, revealing that becoming president is actually her backup plan, as what she really wants to be is a cardiovascular surgeon. But really, who’s to say she can’t be both?

Lily’s concerns and suggestions didn’t go unnoticed, as President Obama responded to her with his own letter, which you can read in full here. In it, he shows his appreciation for the next generation and his confidence that they can make a difference.

In response to Lily’s requests for a spunkier nation, the president had this to say:

While I don’t know how the First Lady or my daughters would feel about me wearing a tie-dye shirt in public, I do know that one of my greatest responsibilities as president is ensuring your generation can thrive — and that includes making sure you can live in safety and reach for boundless opportunity. I know things happening around the world can sometimes be worrisome, but we can make real and lasting progress if young people like you focus on growing and learning and keep speaking out about important challenges our Nation faces. As long as I serve in this Office and beyond, I’ll continue fighting to ensure kids all across our country are limited by nothing but the scope of their imaginations and the size of their dreams.

President Obama thanked Lily’s father for his service and told her, “I expect great things from you!” He then signed the letter, “Your friend, Barack Obama.”

We have a feeling Lily will treasure this for a long time to come.

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