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10 Women Who Don’t Shave Their Armpits

They are famous and every month they spend thousands of dollars on beautification, treatments, makeup. Many have whole teams of people dealing with their beauty. Nevertheless photos of this famous ladies with “forest ” under the armpits leaked into the public. Some of them wanted to send a message, others have not noticed that they missed hair and the third just do not care what people think.

1. Madonna

madonna1Last year Madonna shocked fans after she shared Instagram photo where she have armpit hair. “Long hair, do not care,” she wrote next to the photo. A few years ago pop diva said that she was still in high school when she decided to remove hair from the body. “I refused make- up, I had no haircut, I refused to shave, I had armpit hair. Guys at school made fun of me… hairy monster, “said Madonna.

2. Beyoncé

beyonceSeven years ago at the premiere of the film “Cadillac Records”, Beyoncé looked perfect, but she missed this little detail under the arm.

3. Britney Spears

britney-spearsBritney repeatedly appeared in public in the “natural” edition. Many believe that she does it on purpose and maybe the singer wants to change the established norms, but you must admit that it is strange considering that once she shaved the entire head.

4. Pixie Lot

pixie-lot-1Singer Pixie Lot usually amazes the audience and fashion critics when she appears on the red carpet. At the premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises” three years ago, she did not have that moment. Every time she raised her hand to pose for photographers it was clear that she forgot to shave. After the event she made a joke about that on her Twitter.

5. Billi Mucklow

billiThe TV star was surprised because she saw her photo with long hair armpits on the social network. Her boyfriend and famous athlete Andy Carroll set the picture on Instagram and it became a hit instantly. Even her best friend made a joke at the picture and Bill replied: “Just wait you two!”

6. Scout Willis

scout-willisThe daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore showed her long hair at the exhibition. Last year she set a photo on Twitter made somewhere in the wilderness where the lizard stands on her face and beneath her arm was “forest”. One of her followers commented: ” Your body is super but please shave your armpits. ” Her response was: ” No, thanks! “

7. Miley Cyrus

maili-sajrus-683x1024Miley first dyed her hair pink, then she appeared at one event with new underarm hair and when photos leaked to the public she tried to photoshop them and erase hair. Weird, but what you expect from Miley?

8. Julia Roberts

zenski-magazin-zabava-dame-sa-dlakavim-pazuhama-1-4Julia Roberts shows off her unshaven pits at the 1999 Notting Hill premiere. We used to see Julia always beautiful, but seems that this does not bother her. Armpit hair is definitely not the best accessory to this dress.

9. Juliette Lewis

JulietteAt first sight we see a beautiful Juliette Lewis and her provocative dress. But next time when she posed for a photographer, she will probably pay attention to her armpit. Disgusting isn’t it?

10. Drew Barrymore

drewActress Drew Barrymore is also one of the famous ladies who are seen with underarm hair. She was spotted at a New York city footway event that showcased developer Marc Jacobs. Drew looked amazing, but her armpit has attracted more attention than her.

 Source: mytenbuzz


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