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People Expose The Sluttiest Moments Of Their Lives

When someone has a breakdown “slutty” moment they turn to their friends for support. Most of the time if they have friends like mine they would be busting their balls about it until the next guy fucked up.

Anytime someone can admit to a story like this one: “Got my dick sucked by a chick with no teeth in her car behind a Mcdonalds… I wish I was joking.”

They are probably a close friend. In this case, these people exposed their sluttiest moments on the best site to do it… Reddit! And we got the best ones:

A milf at a party told me I had a nice beard. I said if she liked it so much she could sit on it. She did.


A game of spin the bottle which progressively upped the ante until it was sloppy drunk group sex.

Had sexual relations with three women at a works Christmas party about 20 years ago, the last women was the one that I had a real crush on and I still live with the shame of her giving her first blowjob to an already double-dipped penis.

Getting my ass eaten by one girl while I 69’ed with another girl. Even if I suffer debilitating dementia in my old age, I’ll remember that one.



Walked into a room at a party, four people were sitting on the sofa. I realized I’d fucked all four of them within the last year. Walked back out of that room. I don’t even want to know about that conversation.

I almost had a threesome with two guys and they both sucked on my nipples at the same time.. hottest thing ever

Fucked a girl, raw, I met off craigslist. We fucked in her dentist office.


Fucked a 29 yo “lesbian” at her house while her girlfriend was out of town. Met her at the bar and told her i was 23(was actually 19).Her ex-husband lived there too and actually gave me the condom.

Met a guy at a party, started grinding, within 5 minutes his hand was down my pants, we made our way to his tent and he started to take my clothes off but realized he didn’t have a condom so he called his friend and soon enough the whole party was on a hunt to find a condom for us (I guess nobody actually thought to bring one???). Eventually, someone brings us one. The guy delivers.

Fucked a girl in a Vegas pool infront of her Mom, sisters, and cousin during a bachrlotte party. Never finish in the pool


I went in to the bathroom of a dive bar, took off my panties and threw them away. They were the “granny panties” I had worn specifically to prevent myself from hooking up with a guy. My sober thinking was that I would be too embarrassed to undress in front of him, knowing that I had these seriously unsexy unders on. “Fuck that!” said my drunk self, “Throw those things away and get to sexaytimes even faster!” Score one for my drunk self.
Oh, and I also went to work with cum in my hair the next morning.

Got super drunk on SOCO 100 proof, apparently kicked a guy out from our party that was trying to molest a passed out chick sleeping in my bed. Went home with the fat neighbor that was 10 years older than me. Woke up the next day in her bed, grabbed my stuff and left without saying anything. Went home, showered off my shame and came out of the bathroom to see the girl I had rescued from creepy molester guy was up and hanging out on the couch. Sit down next to her, and while we were talking all the sudden she says “Did you just ask me if I want to fuck?” I say no, confused for a second, then she says “Oh, because that would be awesome.” I picked her up and carried her into my bedroom to have sex with a second woman in less than 24 hours.

I lost my virginity in a movie theater.

I was paid to have sex. I am a extremely average white male.

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