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Angry Veteran Absolutely Loses His Sh*t At Kids Playing Pokémon At Memorial Park

As a man who has fallen headlong into the vacuous black hole that is Pokémon GO, I can see both the pros and cons of the mobile game currently taking over the world. Addictive in the extreme, catching Pokémon has become a certified way of life for some people, while others condemn players as bedroom-dwelling nerds just trying to recapture their youth.

From discovering dead bodies to being hit by cars, Pokémon GO has been getting everyone excited. Despite the clear warnings on the game itself, people are still managing to get themselves into trouble. Now however, it seems that players of Pokémon GO have managed to upset war veterans in the great state of Minnesota.

zdvjsabvdvSpoiler alert: a gazebo gets trashed by an old man, and there is quite a bit of swearing. Oh yeah, and a pregnant woman gets barged – it really is pretty eventful.

A park in Winona, Minnesota, became the ultimate battleground last Thursday – between two men who identified themselves as war veterans and some players of the hit mobile game Pokémon GO. Clearly the men took umbrage at the kids using the park as a “gym”, and took it upon themselves to remove them. Inevitably, a pretty heated argument ensued, and the cops got called.

Not one to take sides, I can see why both groups were angry. Clearly there needs to be an element of respect from these young people, but there is no excuse for two men to become so aggressive and confrontational. There was also a lot of goading from both sides, which didn’t help the situation at all.

Following the incident, the city council plans to hold a vote on Monday to ban recreational activities, including Pokémon GO, at the park. Understandably, Pokémon GO players have started a petition to quash any sort of ban.

While some American veterans might see youngsters playing Pokémon GO as disrespectful, other places around the world have embraced the game. The video below shows hundreds of avid Pokémon hunters gathered at the Parc de la Villette in Paris, in order to catch a rare Pokémon.

Going back to the video from Minnesota, I think it’s pretty clear that both sides have a case. Personally, I think the veterans would have been more justified if there had actually been some form of “antisocial behaviour”. Either way though, we could soon see a total ban on recreational activities in the park. A little strong methinks.

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