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20 Ways To Make The Most of Your Summer

It’s here, it’s finally upon us! Summer has arrived and we are all glad for it but some of us deal better with the heat than others and often we feel we should be making more of this weather. Here we have a few fun things you can go to make the most of the summer, to help you deal with the weather and just to have a laugh with.

1. Take A Nap

It’ hot, you’re probably tired and unable to drift off in these warm muggy nights and the coolest time of day is when you should be up and doing things. Don’t feel ashamed about taking naps though as a daily nap of 30 mins could reduce stress, and improve productivity and cardiovascular functions. So find a good spot and get some shut-eye.


2. Fry An Egg

Bear with us on this one. The idea of frying an egg on something heated by the sun is an enduring image in pop-culture (admittedly, mostly in cartoons) but it is theoretically possible to do so why not try it out? Sidewalks don’t really get that hot, not even in Death Valley where people quite often try the trick in parking lots and have been asked to stop. However, a car bonnet could well do the trick!


3. Go Off The Grid

Make the most of the weather, grab a tent and go camping. In these days of hectic schedules and social media connectivity, you can never really get away. But you can try just by turning your phone off and going on an adventure outdoors. Live in the moment and enjoy what you see around you without feeling the need to take pictures or tweet about it. It doesn’t have to even be a trip, maybe just a long hike or a swim in the lake but make use of the world around you and see it for what it really is.


4. Become A Pokemon Trainer

Yes, it’s finally here and it is the biggest app the world has ever seen. Pokemon GO uses augmented reality and GPS to allow you to walk around the real world catching Pokemon. It may seem silly but it will get you out of the house and into the sunshine. As long as you stay aware of your surroundings and don’t spend all your time staring at your phone it is a pleasant way to get you seeing your local surroundings.


5. Go On A March

Let us be clear, we are not saying go on to the streets and protest for the sake of protesting, nor are we saying you should go out and cause trouble but it is pretty evident that the politics of the now are very divisive with all sides feeling aggrieved at certain situations. If you constantly complain about something and don’t do anything then now is the time to get involved in political discourse. Go on a march and show your support for an issue, meet like minded people and be out in the sun but just do it in a peaceful and friendly manner. Peace and love y’all.


6.  Go To A Yard Sale

Be nosey, see the neighbor’s yard and pick up a great bargain. You never know what treasure you might find, you get to see the neighborhood, you get vital Vitamin D from being in the sun and you just have a good time.


7. Avoid Kids

Kids are annoying! We know we come across as child-hating monsters but they are loud, irritating and eat all the ice cream before you get a chance to get to the truck! Anyway, there are plenty of cool places that adults can go that kids can’t so find your local rooftop bar or adult only beer garden and away you go. The school holidays are during the summer so it’s not like you can avoid kids all the time (although it’s worth a try) so just find the time for yourself.


8. Take Some Me-Time

We’re not saying you should bunk off work or anything but if the opportunity arises to make the most of a long, lazy summer day then grab it with both hands and don’t let go.


9. Do Some Gardening

It may not offer instant gratification but it teaches you how to slow life down a bit as well as getting you out in the fresh air. Even if you don’t have a garden, get some window boxes and show your love and care to them and just make your living space that much brighter and happier. It doesn’t have to be intensive or hard going, just a nice bit of planting and watering could really give you peace of mind.


10. Wear A Kaftan

The Kaftan is in vogue at the moment, as well as being..well… in Vogue. The fashion magazine sees it as this summer’s must wear piece and they are light, airy and come in an array of styles. Look good, feel cool. End of.


11. Go To Summer Camp

Popular for kids, there are now more and more adult summer camps cropping up too. You get to meet new people, try new activities and still have a drink at the end of the day.


12. Start A Food Truck

So you may not be able to live out your dream of becoming a Michelin-starred chef (and if you do have those skills, why are you not using them?) but if you come up with an idea for a cool foodie-mash up that hipsters will love, get yourself a truc0k and a food license and go. Sell your idea to the world and pursue your dreams people!


13. Count Butterflies

Spend your days counting butterflies, noting down the different colors, shapes, and sizes you see and just being carefree. If you’re in Britain they have the big butterfly count which means you can feedback all of this information of when, where and what you saw to the Butterfly Conservation Organisation who are there to help preserve these beautiful winged insects.


14. Rescue Dogs From Hot Cars

Dogs die in hot cars! They can’t breathe or sweat properly and will often overheat. The temperature can increase by 40 degrees in less than 10 minutes. If an animal is in a locked car, even if the windows are open a crack, notify the local police or animal control officer. We’re not saying you should break into cars but if you think the animal is in critical danger then the law is probably on your side. Get evidence first, take pictures or video footage, get names and phone numbers of witnesses, and tell the police of your intentions when you call them. If you are near a police officer then inform them and let them do the job. Be a hero this summer, save a life! Of course, the best protection is prevention, don’t leave your animals locked in hot cars people!


15. Get Active

Use the sunshine as the perfect motivation to get outdoors and exercise. Become a lean, mean machine and crack out the sneakers and sportswear. Just remember to stay well hydrated and don’t push yourself too much.


16. Go Underground

Get away from the heat by getting out there and seeing what is under our feet. We’re not saying jump on the nearest metro system and get a train but maybe find caving or potholing activities near you and see what you step over every day, as well as being out of the sun’s glare.


17. Get Some Open Air Culture

Pop-up open air cinemas are big at the moment and can be found in almost every major city of the world. But long before they came along, the open air theater existed and there are still a few of these around as well. Check out what you can find near you and take on board some proms in the park or Shakespeare in the shade. Enjoy your balmy summer nights and be entertained as well.


18. Take Up Foraging

Foraging is finding wild roots and plants that you can eat and make into delicious meals. To save yourself getting poisoned, however, we recommend going with an expert who knows what they’re doing but it is a great way to see what you eat and also discover what the area around you produces. You can do foraging courses and learn all about what you should be looking for.


19. Make Outdoor Art

Go outside and discover your creative side. Pick up twigs and rocks and try and create something beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you can’t, just give it a go and see what you can see in the majesty of nature. Inspire yourself and get outdoors.


20. Search for All The Countries Colder Than Yours At The Moment

Go on, jump on a search engine and make yourself feel a little bit superior whilst you’re experiencing a heat wave.


Source: lifehacklane


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