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16 Things To Happen If You Have Fake Nails


Fake nails are such a common phenomenon these days.

It seems there is no girl, who has preserved her natural nails. Yes, fake nails look wonderful, but when you return home from a saloon a real disaster starts. Usually you are going to face such problems:

1.Can you open a can for me, please?

2.It’s impossible wearing gloves.

3.You are not even able picking up a coin.

4.You have also problems with using your phone.

5.You also find difficult latching your necklaces and bracelets.

6.If you have too long nails, removing a card from ATM becomes very difficult.

7.Cutting things becomes really annoying!

8.Now you should learn how to hold a pen in a different way.

9.Putting contact lenses become truly dangerous.

10.After each meal you find a lot of food under the nails.

11.Undoing a button is an endless task.

12.Playing a music instrument becomes impossible.

13.Be careful not scratching your own face.

14.When lighting a candle, you accidentally have burnt an edge of a nail.

15.You feel terrible, when a nail breaks, especially the next day after a saloon.

16.But no matter what happens with your nails – you would never give them up!

Source: indigodaily


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