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12 Top Dinner Party Hacks

Dinner parties can be great fun, an awesome way of getting friends together and having a meal as well as introducing yourself to new people and impressing with your cooking and hosting skills but they can also be stressful and tiresome affairs. Here we go threw a few ideas to help make them that much easier and to remove as much of the unnecessary hassle as possible.

1. Make A Cheap and Diverse Cheeseboard

The cheeseboard is often the centerpiece to many a dinner party and it can be achieved to great effect with just regular cheeses from the supermarket as long as you have all bases covered.


2. Charcuterie Boards Are Vital

A cheap and effective way of having a diverse range of foods and snacks on the table is the charcuterie board but, like the cheese board, it needs to have the correct array of flavors available to make it a success, although obviously with greater scope. Here is just one example that will feed around 10 people nd cost about $30.

3. Use Reusable Toothpicks

If serving finger food, toothpicks are a great way of hygienically picking them up and can also be used for drink garnishes but they do create a lot of waste and can run the risk of splitting. By using reusable ones, there is less waste and you cut down on party costs over time.


4. Get Wine and Food Pairings Right

Wine can make or break a dinner party and so often people get it so wrong by buying the most expensive and hoping for the best but it’s important to pair what you’re drinking with what you serve as this handy chart will demonstrate.


5. Batches of Cocktails Save Time and Effort

It may sound counter-intuitive to spend time making a batch of drinks rather than just serving ones from the bottle or fridge but it prevents you running back and forth to the fridge or setting out buckets full of them and it also acts as a great conversation point if you make it yourself.


6. Use Fruit or Gourds to Serve Drinks

It’s cool, quirky and saves on washing up. Get your hands on a tapping kit, carve out a melon or pumpkin etc. (providing it goes with the drink) and you have an awesome way to serve up drinks.


7. Use Meal Tags

Reusable meal tags are a great way of letting people know what dishes there are, what’s in them and what they go with, without having to explain it yourself every time.


8. Get Serving Portions Right

Make sure you don’t overstuff or underfeed guests without having a load of waste or leftovers you have to eat yourself for the next week with this handy portion guide.


9. Platters!

Get yourself a platter that can go either straight from the fridge or straight from the oven to the table. They save on time dishing up and can be washed and reused easily.


10. Make Serving Spoons Cool and Quirky

Dip boring old wooden serving spoons in a bit of paint and suddenly you have bright, colorful utensils that grab the eye whilst you grab some food.


11. Make A Disposable Serving Stand

A really easy way to serve cakes and desserts is with a serving stand but they can be expensive and a pain to wash and store, by using disposable cups and plates you can make your own. Get some glue and then follw the instructions below.

*Apply glue to the bottom of the cup and adhere the cup to the center of your base plate.
*Apply glue to the rim of the cup and place another plate on top of the cup.
*Create 2-3 tiers (depending on how much weight your plates will support.)


12. Gather Feedback

Leave a guestbook out so people can leave feedback for the next party you host and, inevitably, compliment you on how awesome your hosting skills are.

Source: lifehacklane


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