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10 of the Coolest Cities in America

As a country that boasts 19,354 ‘incorporated places’, sampling American city life is a must. Granted, many may not offer the picturesque landscapes found in the most provincial areas of the nation, but these¬†cities are so diverse you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that isn’t to your liking.

Here, we at Loopfy have devised a list of what we believe are the 10 coolest cities in America.

1. New York City, New York


The city that never sleeps is a metropolis like no other. 8 million people call the Big Apple their home and for good reason; it’s an urban paradise. Ornate bars, restaurants and¬†skyscrapers add colour to even the dullest of concrete slabs, while a plethora of creeds and colours live side-by-side. Yes, ¬†the weather fluctuates, but it’s a price worth paying for the mythical urban setting that comes from the winter snow. It’s the best city in not just America, but the whole world. It’s a city that inspires everyone to dream. Or, in the words of Frank Sinatra, ‘If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere.’

2. New Orleans, Louisiana


It’s easy to forget that New Orleans is situated in the Southern state of Louisiana, and not a quaint small city along the Mediterranean¬†coast. Indeed, it is a place that still preserves and embraces its French history. As such, the famed French Quarter is a hotbed of coolness. Visitors can lose themselves in the festivities of the famed Mardi Gras festival, or take a cruise along the stunning Mississippi¬†River. When the evening comes, you can party the night away in America’s College party capital.

For those of a more chilled deposition, you can indulge in some of the best live jazz music on Earth. In the words of Judy Deck, “If there was no New Orleans, America would just be a bunch of free people dying of boredom.”

3. Las Vegas, Nevada


Seen by many as America’s party capital, Vegas is a¬†city that celebrates extreme hedonism and conspicuous consumption like few others. Yes, what happens in Vegas usually stays in Vegas, and with a string of strip clubs, seedy motel rooms and brothels, you can see why.

Still, for those wishing to remember their nights,¬†there’s plenty on offer. From the famed casinos and high-end shopping outlets¬†to concerts and world-class boxing matches, Sin City is undoubtedly unique.

4. Denver, Colorado


Prodemontally a skiing City, Denver is more multi-faceted than people realise. From the Botanic Garden to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre and the Coors Brewery Tour there’s something for everyone. Admittedly, the winter activities are among the best in America and are undeniably fun. Skiing anyone?

5. Austin, Texas


Long viewed as a Republican heartland where backward-thinking rednecks spew an array of racial epithets, Texas has never been popular among liberals. But look beyond the short-sighted opinions of others and you’ll find such preconceived notions untrue. Just take Austin, Texas. Home to the famous South by Southwest Festival, this College City is alive with energy and has some of the best Mexican food America has to offer.

6. Boston,  Massachusetts


Home to America’s prestigious Havard University, Boston is a cosmopolitan city where some of the greatest minds work and mingle. And with an array of top-class sports teams, and a young and vibrant population, Boston offers a cheaper and less hectic lifestyle compared to its¬†more illustrious East coast neighbour.

7. Los Angeles, California


America’s second city is the Entertainment capital of the world and attracts ¬†thousands of bright young hopefuls each year in the quest for fame and fortune. ¬†So why not get in on the act¬†and channel your inner diva by drinking at the Beverly Hills Hotel or dabbling in a spot of shopping on Rodeo Drive? You can even be shown around the homes of your favourite celebrities thanks to an array of tour operators.

Away from Tinseltown, Los Angeles is one of the few places in America where you can go rock-climbing in the mountains and then cool off with a trip to the beach. Just be prepared to be surrounded by a lot of good-looking people. It’s a hard life….

8. Honolulu, Hawaii


Crystal- clear waters and pale sands go hand-in-hand with the perennial¬†clear blue skies and easy-going vibes of Hawaii’s capital. But Honolulu isn’t merely a sun-soaked paradise. There are the sights at the Manoa Falls, and for those adventurous and daring enough, visitors can hike across the volcanic¬†Diamond Head by day and then let their hair down with a visit to the bars and clubs along the vibrant coastal neighbourhood of Waikiki.

9. Seattle, Washington State


Situated in America’s wettest state, Seattle is a go-to place for¬†young professionals, perhaps enamoured by a¬†city that gave birth to the famous grunge scene of the 1990s.

As well as it’s musical history, the city is the home of the very first Starbucks, which served its first cup cf chow in 1971. Microsoft also calls Seattle home, and with a famous fish market and cool revolving skyscraper known as, The Space Needle, Seattle has long given Los Angeles a run for its money as the coolest West-coast city.

10. San Fransisco, California


Regularly viewed as America’s most liberal city, San Fransisco’s energetic buzz- whether it be from the various downtown gay clubs or the creative going-ons in Silicon Valley- is certainly unique.

And it’s not only the iconic Golden Gate Bridge that makes San Fransisco dazzle. One only has to look at the rows of colourful Victorian houses. Or the spectacular bay which lights up brilliantly at night to see that.

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