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9 Seemingly Strange, But Effective Beauty Tips. Who Would Have Thought That They Work?

After reading these ideas you might have the impression that the author must have write this after a few glasses of strong drink, but I assure you that these tricks actually work.  These tricks will not only improves your appearance, but also get you out of the trouble. Many people tried these tricks and they replied positively. Let have a look on these tricks.

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If you want to have long eyelashes, do this simple trick. Apply mascara, then sprinkle some cosmetic powder (we recommend to use baby powder) on them and after this apply second coat.

2.Eye Pencils

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After sharpening the eye pencil, heat their tips to make them round and work properly.

3.Beer on hair

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If you want to have soft and shiny hair, just massage mug of beer on a damp, clean hair. After 4 minutes, rinse and enjoy the effect.

4.Time For Olive Oil

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Do you want to remove frosted lipstick and waterproof eyeliner? It’s easy! All you have to massage olive oil on the lips and eyelids.

5.Black Toothpaste

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Activated charcoal, although it looks really terrible, brings the same benefits. Brush your teeth it for 3-4 minutes, then rinse the mouth with water .The teeth will be whiter than ever before.


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Line the eye lashes curler with black pencil and then use it. It will give perfect line on upper lid in single attempt.

7.An Alternative Solution


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If you run out of shaving gel, you can always use hair conditioner. It works in exactly the same way.

8.Soothing Peeling Agent

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Put petroleum jelly on the toothbrush and gently massage the lips, to remove dead cells from lips.

9.Strawberry Power

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If you rub your teeth with strawberries before brushing, you’ll have a whiter smile and it also avoid discoloration.

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