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6 Secrets How To Be A Clean Person!


Being a clean person is not such a difficult thing.

Unfortunately, these days many find very difficult keeping to this moment.  Because of hectic life, people have no time for such trifles. In this article we would show you simple ways how to be clean all the time.

The first you should do is taking your purse and empty it. Probably, there is a lot of dust and garbage in it. Take a roller and clean the inside of the purse with it – you’ll see how many crumbs are on the bottom – you’ll be shocked!

How often do you change your toothbrush? According to dentist recommendations, one should get a new brush every 3 months. If you have problems with this, you can easily leave a toothbrush in an antiseptic for one night.


Do you have a lot of trash in your car? We recommend you not accumulating it, but throwing each time you see something unnecessary.

Do you always have a clean sink? Probably, not. It’s good disinfecting it with a cleaning spray or any bleach several times a week. Of course, do this after throwing away all the food remnants from the sink.


Are you doors handles clean? We both know the answer. Wiping door handles doesn’t require a lot of time from you. You can take any disinfecting spray or simply vinegar and get rid of any dirt on the handles.

How many towels do you have at home? Are all of them clean? It would be great gathering all of them and putting into a washer.

 Source: indigodaily


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