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10 Toilets With Best View In The World!

10. University in California

67sXkrD-768x960In the break between the lectures, students from the University of California in Santa Barbara, can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea and relax before the next lecture.

9. Island High School

wE3qVbDlThis school toilet in Iceland is certainly one one of the best school toilets in the world, as the view from it is simply amazing! I would skip a lot of classes and spend that time in this toilet!

8. Midway, Utah

pa3ORAwlToilet in Midway, Utah has a beautiful view of the mountains under the snow, and besides, next to the window there is a bath, perfect for complete relaxation after a hard day.

7. Bran and Coffee, London

bran-and-coffee-toilet-768x491View from the bathroom in the Shard, the tallest building in UK and Europe, located in London, is simply breathtaking.

6. Laos

BpmbXArCEAA01U8A tourist who went on holiday in Laos is thrilled with the view that she had in the bathroom. Not the most private toilet, but definitely great view!

5. Mt. Whitney Throne

9sJD3FX-768x501For this iron thronemany would be fighting just to sit on it for few minutes, of course, if they don’t bothered to sacrifice privacy in order to get amazing view.

4. Le Cabestan, Casablanca, Morocco


This amazing toilet in Casablanca besides great view, has seats that your friends can use if you want party, while you do the job.

3. Seoul Tower, Korea

43Oh31z-1-768x512View from the bathroom of the Seoul tower, which is 236 meters high, can not be described in words in front of you in moments of relief provides half of the city.

2. Peru

xYXQMHs-768x432Even though this toilet in Peru lack privacy, it gives great view of the nature, so it is totally worth.

1. Mumin Papa Cafe, Japan

article-1078738-021C56BC000005DC-638_468x295This toilet in Japan is built into an aquarium, so you can watch the fishes in the moments of relief.

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