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Justice for helpless dog attacked with stick by Chinese peasants!

This appalling incident was posted on a Chinese-speaking Facebook page. It received important attention, being shared over 3k times. Thousands of netizens took to social media to condemn this vicious attack against a defenseless puppy. The video is very difficult to watch, but it extremely important to understand that running away from such despicable footage will not make the problem disappear. This video perfectly illustrates the sad reality what the animals in China must endure on a daily basis. I set up this petition because I desperately seek for all this cruelty to come to an end as soon as possible. Please show your support to ask the Chinese government to consider implementing animal welfare laws!

The shocking attack took place in Jiane County, in the Guizhou Province. The video shows a group of peasants viciously pounding a harmless dog with the help of a heavy, wooden stick. The attackers do not seem to care at all about the life of that precious furbaby, as they hit the animal on and on. The dog is howling in pain, but sadly there is no one around to help him. After about 30 seconds, the dog is knocked unconscious on the ground. The peasants pick him up by its tail, transport him a few meters away, before hitting him eye again, decisively this time. They later prepare a dog meat barbecue. The reason for this inhumane treatment is that Chinese cooks believe that the more dogs suffer before they are terminated, the better the meat tastes, because of the adrenaline that is released into the body, which tends to soften the meat.

I am at a loss of words at seeing such display of inhumanity. What is even more troubling is the thought that these monsters will never be held accountable for their actions, due to the lack of animal protection laws. Let me remind readers of this petition that dog meat is still legal in China, so practically there is no legal basis to prosecute these subhumans.

Please show your support for a deep reform in China. We, the undersigned, are extremely disappointed with the government’s decision to ignore all pleas for change. The problem of dog meat trade and abuses against animals has been going for years, yet central authorities have done nothing to address this issue.

Sign the petition and support animal welfare laws in China! Help put an end to such despicable videos. Please sign below to make a difference for the animals in China, they need all the help they can get.


He is then grabbed by his tail to be barbecued.
The dog is hit without remorse with a huge wooden stick.
The attackers continue to hit the dog several times.
The helpless animal is hit even after falling to the ground. 

Here The Video:

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