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Epic construction fails that will make you want to slap the contractors who did them

Construction workers and designers are usually looked upon for their creative nature. However, things don’t always turn out as expected. Here are some mind-blowing fails that will make you get chills especially if you were planning on employing a contractor.

1. First floor garage?

1.-First-floor-garageSource: inspire52

When your next-door neighbor is an alien and they probably have a lying saucer as their everyday ride. That’s the only way to explain this house.

2. Plain wrong

2.-Plain-wrong1Source: galacticbuzz

Of all the shapes to choose from, it had to be this one. Lets give them the benefit of doubt. Perhaps the railing was constructed on a cloudy day.

3. How do you even go?

3.-How-do-you-even-goSource: inspire52

I can’t imagine any scenario in which space is at this much of a premium. How do you even fit under there?

4. Construction loopholes


 Source: inspire52

I can only imagine that the contractor who built this house found a way to go around a petition for the playground to remain in place.

5. Because jumping from this height is much safer

5.-Because-jumping-from-this-height-is-much-saferSource: inspire52

This staircase makes me wonder whether they built it from the top. If you are going to start something, you might as well finish it. Especially if its the way to the top or bottom.

6. Oops! Forgot about the door

6.-Oops-Forgot-about-the-doorSource: inspire52

When the foreman is too drunk to inspect the building. Seriously, how do you forget to add a door for the balcony?

7. Because cutting down the tree is too mainstream

7.-Because-cutting-down-the-tree-is-too-mainstreamSource: inspire52

Clearly didn’t want to anger the gods by disrupting nature.

8. Wheelchair problem solved

8.-Wheelchair-problem-solvedSource: inspire52

I am no engineer but i believe a wheelchair would require a lot of momentum to go up these stairs. Nonetheless, points for effort.

9. So off target

9.-So-off-targetSource: inspire52

I would expect an archer to miss the target but this is not even close to a situation that allows one to miss the target.

10. What was the intended purpose of this window?

10.-What-was-the-intended-purpose-of-this-windowSource: inspire52

Well, this is weird. How thoughtful to put a window there. I wonder if the light can go through the bricks of that chimney.

11. Just in case support is needed

11.-Just-in-case-support-is-neededSource: inspire52

I thought pillars are supposed to offer strength and support support to a building all the time. not just in case it starts to fall.

12. Inconveniently placed door

12.-Inconveniently-placed-doorSource: inspire52

Perhaps this door belongs to a time when everyone carries a jet pack.

Source: galacticbuzz


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