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5 Famous Pinterest Mom Trends!


Becoming a mom is such a pleasant thing.

At the same time it’s not so easy. This period is accompanies with many difficulties, problems and uncomfortable situations. Here are some of the newest trends, which have blown up the whole Pinterest. Without any doubt, these suggestions will certainly help you. Be ready to pin them!

Lego Storage


If you have a child, who is already busy playing with Lego, this advice is perfect for you. Probably, you can a lot of mess because of this game and have no idea where to put it. Creating Lego storage under a bed will help you getting rid of this problem.

Matte Pencils


Usually, every mom has little time on herself, especially when it comes to make up. These matte pencils will certainly save you!

6 Minute Work Out


Unfortunately, a lot of moms can’t fide time for physical exercises, which is extremely important to keep your body in a good shape. Being very tired and exhausted they give up any possible idea of a work out. But what would happen if you devote only 6 minutes in the morning for working out? Keep to this plan and you’ll see how wonderful you would feel.

Feta Salad


If you have no idea what to prepare – make a feta salad. Add some blueberries, poppy seeds and season everything with lemon dressing.



Here is one more simple and quick idea for moms, which lack time. These fritters are made of carrots, chickpeas and zucchini will certainly nourish you.

 Source: indigodaily


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