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You’ll Lose A Lot If Not Try These Regional Snacks!


Food is such an important part of our life.

It seems that contemporary people are constantly eating. Nowadays there is such a big variety of food, that it’s difficult to keep to some diet or restrain yourself from not trying it. Here are some of the most delicious regional snacks you should try, at least, once in your life. All of these dishes are unique, because are available only in certain states.

Big Red Soda


If you want tasting this soda, you should travel to Texas. This red cream drink has a sugary and sweet taste.

Garrett Popcorn


You can only get this popcorn in Illinois and Chicago. It is extremely delicious.

Tillamook Ice Cream


The ice cream is available in Oregon. You can find such flavors as cheesecake, marionberry and even speculoos.

Palmetto Cheese


The cheese is available in such regions as Midwest, South and Northeast. It taste incredible on everything you spread it.

Sponge Candy


You can find the candy in NY. It has a pleasant flavor of molasses and caramel, which is coated in chocolate.

Bauder Peppermint Bar


This unusual ice cream is available in Iowa. A mix of chocolate and peppermint makes it incredibly delicious.

Zesto’s Ice Cream


You can taste the ice cream in South Carolina.  It is a perfect soft ice cream.

Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets


This tasty dish is only available in Philadelphia.

 Source: indigodaily


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