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Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds

1. Bengal

bengal-cat-1024x640“The Bengal Cat is a breed of domestic cat developed by selective breeding to evoke the feline denizens of the jungle such as Leopards, Ocelots, Margays and Clouded Leopards. Bengal Cats were developed by the selective breeding of domestic cats with hybrids of domestic cats and an Asian leopard cat”.
It is a large-type cat, so it is definitely not for people who want a quiet pet, because she loves adventure.
Price: 1000$ – 25000$

2. Savannah

savannah_catSavana is a hybrid variety developed by crossing African wild and domestic cats. It requires someone who will have a lot of time for her, because this cat is by nature very lively. It is very good jumper, that has no problem to jump on top of your refrigerator. Another interesting feature of her is the fact that this cat has a sense of humor. Some of the favorite jokes of her is to hide from the owner, and when it is certain that he can not see her, she will poke you with her paw or will rise to a high place and throw things at you.
Price: 4 000 – 20 000$.

3. Russian Blue

Russian_BlueWhat this beauty makes special after all is silky blue-gray hair, emerald green eyes and the fact that it is very lovable and loyal like a dog. They are very intelligent and can learn very quickly to open the door, return balls and many other “tricks. They are also very curious, so expect from them to explore every part of your house.

Price 400$ – 3000$.

4. Peterbald

Peterbald-cat7This species originated in 1994 in the Russian city of St. Petersburg, as a result of the experimental pairing Donskoy cat with Siamese and Oriental Shorthair. It is one of the bald” kind of cats, who arrived in the United States in 2006. Has piercing blue eyes and is very curious, but not recognized in most registries, as it still has experimental status.
Price: 1200$ – 5000$

5. Manx

manx-catIt was created on the island of Man in the Irish Sea and is considered one of the most demanding types. Kittens who inherit the Manx gene can have deformities of the spine and damage to the colon. The careful cultivation can minimize or eliminate deficiencies. Kittens who take Manx cat gene from both parents will die very early. Manx cat can have different length tail. They can be completely without a tail, and often can have a hole at the bottom of the spine. Also, the hind legs are longer than the front and have a very strange gait, like a rabbit.
Price: 800$ – 4000$

6. Sphynx


The first was born 1966 in Toronto and it has very soft skin and no fur. It is very intelligent, loud and talkativeand likes to be part of the family. It goes well with children and dogs, but they can not sustain a Siamese cat. Not the kind that likes to be independent like other cats. As they don’t have fur, this is purely domestic cat and should not be too long exposed to direct sunlight or cold. These cats have accelerated metabolism to maintain body temperature, so they eat more than other cats, but they are not picky when it comes to food. Also, require regular care, although they do not have hair. They sweat and so they need to regularly wipe and the occasional swim in the warm water.
Price: 300$ – 3000$

7. Persian cat

A white persian cat close-up

Comes from the Middle East. A sweet, quiet and mild-mannered, often make friends with small animals, parrots, guinea pig or hamster. Not overly playful and is often called the salon cat.
Price: 500$ – 5500$

8. Scottish Fold

scottish-foldThis is a very interesting small-medium sized cat, especially recognizable by small, folded ears and a very sweet character. Folded ears causes a dominant gene that affects the cartilage in the ears. All Scottish Fold cats are born with straight ears, and the ears after about three weeks bend.
Price: 200$ – 3000$

9. Maine Coon

maine-coonIt is an impressive and largest cat breed with usually long brown, red and white hair, but it can be in other colors. Coordination of front paw is very good, so these cats learn to open doors, take smaller items, etc... Often they act like dogs – bringing things, they are very social and like to accompany owners in everything they do. Many cats these species have extra fingers and cat Stewie (on picture), was declared the longest cat in the world, with its 123 centimeters.
Price: 2000$

10. British Shorthair

british-shorthairThis type developed during the 19th century by the British domestic and farm cats. It’s called “teddy bear ” among the cats, because of its very thick fur and full cheeks. It is also a very intelligent, tolerant and very good hunter. It is ideal for people who want a quiet pet.
Price: 500-1500$

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